RMIT Fashion Show @ MSFW

Okay, okay.. I know this post is long after the actual event and there’s not been any post from me for a while. I have to say that I am busy with assignments and sh*t. LOL. Hate to admit that but yeah – was busy. Or maybe it’s just an excuse of mine. No, seriously! … Continue reading

MSFW Designer Series 4

As I had told you before, I went for one of the designer’s show for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) two weeks back. It’s been a while since the show but I did not find the time to post it up. So here it is. MSFW has 4 major designer shows that was shown in … Continue reading

An Intimate Week with Ryan Whelan

Ryan Whelan is one of the contestants of Project Runway Australia, Season 2. He is known for his obsession towards clothing from the 1920s and his specialization on men’s tailoring. Always said that he’s an old man trapped in a young body. I personally liked most of his designs during Project Runway but somehow he … Continue reading