Of Aztec and Native America

First of all, I missed watching Proenza Schouler’s live stream because of work. I was quite sadden  by it but the moment I went home, I jumped straight to the replays and it was amazing but that made me feel worse for missing it. So first thing I felt about Proenza’s new collection was Aztec … Continue reading

The Upcoming Rising Star – Prabal!

Prabal Gurung, the designer who started his first official collection in 2009 and only earned his way to the tents of  Bryant Park in 2010. That being said, it was a rather quick success for him as he dressed Michelle Obama, Demi Moore and the likes. He was then awarded as the runner up of … Continue reading

Spoken like Zac

A lame title for one of the best collections of the recent New York Fashion Week, the Z Spoke by Zac Posen. Apologie for that, just feel like making a terrible pun. So Zac Posen launched his Z Spoke line, a sub to his Zac Posen Collection like all great and major designers do from … Continue reading

Dotting The Mundane Madness?

Remember the simple minimal and somehow fabulous clothes from the last fall collection? Everything was so simple, no patterns, everything was so plain and simple. This season, there was a pattern. Polka dots. Lots of dots. Similar to all Marc’s works, everything was about referencing but creating a whole new feel to it. Example? The … Continue reading

Hybridizations of Wang

For the last few seasons, Alexander Wang was all about the dark and grunge rock chic look, till last season, it was soft, white hues, and ethereal but still rocker chic. Then came this fall collection, with great comments and reviews from both types of looks he did, Wang decides to take the best of … Continue reading

Valentines: Best or Worst Day?

Editor’s Note: This post is irrelevant to fashion and cynical to all couples. You have been warned. Just before I forgot, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which for singles like me, it is one of the days that is hated the most. The day when you walk out and everyone are holding hands and smooching in … Continue reading

Vanity Press Go GAGA!

Okay, I am officially gaga-fied. This week is a winning streak for Lady Gaga, the new icon of our generation. From fashion to music, she practically rules it all! Last month, it was announced that Lady Gaga will finally be on the cover of American Vogue and a few days ago, that became a reality. … Continue reading

The Burberry and Glee Mash-Up

Just another nice Saturday afternoon in Melbourne after a huge storm and flood last night, I am sitting home watching back to back episodes of Glee Season 2. Yes, I said it. I am a Glee Fan. I decided to watch it as the new episode of the second half of the season is out … Continue reading

NEW YORK Fashion Week Tickets

Well, the title might be a tad deceiving to all you out there, but I do have some form of tickets for certain shows for New York Fashion Week which is happening in less then 48 hours. Behold, online live streaming of NYFW, and like the last season, heaps of designers will be streaming their … Continue reading

Best of S/S Campaigns

Editor’s Note: I have only uploaded a few of each campaigns and for more of each brand, click through the links. As I picked up my copy of American Vogue the other day (which was a week late compared to normal delivery to Australia, curse air freights delay), I was so excited to glance through … Continue reading