Fashion Digest: FNO Everywhere; NY London Showdown!; The Cat Mius

Another digest after almost a week of absence, I am so sorry. I have lots to share but just can’t decide on what yet. I have digests, couture, noetic science (Yes I know what it is) and more. So before I figure out which to post, it is already Friday and yet another weekend with … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Manly Gaga; Gisele on 30; Rolling Pants

Okay a short digest for the weekend. I’ll probably post more next week since I have no internet whatsoever in the weekend. You can catch me on Twitter @calvinchong (follow me if you wish) where I might post more fashion news with my mobile or just news about plain old me. So this weekend digest, … Continue reading

Fashion Video Digest and Something Else?

These are some interesting videos I came across in youtube which made me laugh. Well, kind of? The first one is by Robert Hoffman. This dude never cease to entertain me. It’s a video about what does not make you a model! A special message to those out there who thinks they can be a … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Fashionable Google; Granny Fendi?; Hamish in Upper East Side?

First I have to apologize yet again for the lack of post last week or so. I have some problems with my internet connection at home, thus the hiatus. And I was not starting class till two days ago which I have another problem with connecting with university WiFi. Finally yesterday, I got it all … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Editorial Shifts in Fashion; Who’s Front in Sept Issues; Pushing Through The Econs

Okay, while waiting for the Proenza Schouler Live Interview to start at ShowStudio, I have some digest for you people out there. A short one just to get through the 25 minutes of waiting. So this time, I have for you the major shifts in the fashion industries editorial, revealing the front covers of most … Continue reading

The Best Of Fall/Winter 2010

Just a short post with a lot of photo shoots and side commentaries.¬† This years Fall?Winter campaigns shows a lot of promise. There’s Hermes, Donna Karan, Prada, and more. Featuring in some of these ads are Karen, Natalia, Karlie – just to name a few of the supermodels. A truly fantastic season. This season, Steven … Continue reading

Epic Fail

So a while ago, this crazy ad came on the net from A Singapore based company that sells high end branded fashion products at discounted price. So what they came up with what a 99% luxury sale for its members. Of course I am extremely excited about it. Can’t stop thinkingabout it for quite … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Armor is the new black!; Louis Vuitton Tattoos?; Ken Overshadows Barbie?

After a week of hiatus, I am back with more digest, some of them are last week’s news but I thought I should share it. it is quite intriguing for me. Enjoy, babes! _____________________________ Ken Overshadows Barbie? Now we all know the famous celebrity couple Ken and Barbie, the perfect couple that all kids love. … Continue reading

A Little Gratitude Would Be Cool?

God! I am in like a posting streak now. So up next, Twilight again! Well, Kristen Stewart to be precise. A short one on this. Well, it was the Twilight new movie’s premier just the other day – whatever name the movie is. Eclipse, New Moon… Well, what happened was when one of the red … Continue reading

Noble Farewell

Finally read the copy of Vogue US (July). Got it a few days ago, curse Australia’s air freight. Anyway the best article of July is the “Noble Farewell” by Hamish Bowles. It is a parting article as a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen and his last collection. With a three page spread styled by … Continue reading

Stop Sexualising!

Seriously, people these days are too much sometimes. Sexualising is something I think means¬† making something completely normal into something out of its context. Example, the recent news on Victoria Buckley. Basically this Sydney jeweler came up with some images in Facebook showing a nude doll (picture above) with her designs and Facebook banned those … Continue reading

Must Learn Life Lessons!

My friend sent me this email earlier today and it speaks of the truth. One of the best life lessons to everyone out there especially youngsters. It supposed was from a speech by Bil Gates in a high school. Am not sure whether this is a real thing or not but the content speaks truth … Continue reading