An Intimate Week with Ryan Whelan

Ryan Whelan is one of the contestants of Project Runway Australia, Season 2. He is known for his obsession towards clothing from the 1920s and his specialization on men’s tailoring. Always said that he’s an old man trapped in a young body. I personally liked most of his designs during Project Runway but somehow he was out by the 4th episode.

So as you know, I mentioned about Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in the previous post and Ryan Whelan graced his presence as an Melbourne based designer by having a mini exhibition at Melbourne Central showing his works. Although I thought I would get a chance to meet him in person as what the website stated but guess I was out of luck. So much for hoping to meet someone famous.

So me and my buddy, Deanna went to the exhibition during our break because we were too bored and had nothing else to do. Though I would go there anyway. What surprised me was Ryan has better works on display in the exhibition compared to his works in Project Runway. Then again, he probably had no limits in time to complete each design. Sometimes time limit and pressure do not do justice to people who can’t take stress.

His work on the “Fire Dress” is amazing. How in the world can a dress be made without threads or needles?

Enough of babbling and take a look and tell me what you think.

Smart casual Outfits. Love them >< He is known for his skills in coats.
The FIRE Dress. (Click and read)

Fire Dress.

Observe details. It is burned to replace stitching.
So no needles or threads were used.

Denim Skirt.

4 Responses to “An Intimate Week with Ryan Whelan”
  1. Caroline says:

    awesome fire dress!

  2. Ryan Whelan says:

    Thank you for your kind word, should have sentme an email on my website or asked at information in melbourne central, would have been more than happy to meet you. Unfortunately the times on website were changed to some times that were put up at the exhibition.ryan

  3. Anonymous says:

    sorry to be a bummer but your a D class designer. good enough to make clothes for friends. the person who posted this is a suck -"I personally liked most of his designs during Project Runway but somehow he was out by the 4th episode"too bad his peers didnt think that way

  4. Calvin says:

    to whoever Anonymous is,I'm glad you sounded your opinion but I stand by mine. I think he's great. You don't really have to insult it. If you're not happy, then why post on my blog?That's all.

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