The Quiff and Cheekbones: Here comes Prince Pelayo!

Times Magazine listed him in the “40 bloggers everyone is talking about” list, as the Undisputed IT boy of London fashion with 50% quiff and 50% cheekbones. He is known for his big and tall hair (quiff) and named as one of GQ (UK)’s best street style fashion. He is Prince Pelayo, or Pelayo Diaz … Continue reading

The Lady Of Melbourne

As some might know, I took a class called, “Advance Print Reporting” and I did a feature of Lady Melbourne, an incredibly stylish and fantastic fashion blogger based in Melbourne and I decided that I should put it here and share with you guys, whoever you guys are, that reads my blog. So here it … Continue reading

My Article Published, Kind of?

First and foremost, I seriously, truly and deeply apologize for the lack of posting for the past week or so. i know in my previous post I said I will be posting a few post from Paris to my birthday and et cetera. I promise I will post all of it by end of this … Continue reading

I’m Kinda Featured!

Note: This is kinda of a guest post by Samantha Lowcock, my coursemate from Advance Print Reporting. She wrote a feature on me for our tutorial. The story behind this feature is after Sam’s. Enjoy: Calvin Chong has a penchant for fashion. From his Ray Ban glasses through to his shoes that are made for … Continue reading

The Coming of Age Act?

Peeps, check this out: The Coming of Age Act. My second post for Online Journalism. It’s about how media sexualise children. Check it out and post me a comment? Cheers. Calvin PS: The photo is non relevant. Just like it. Don’t get me wrong. I gate twilight but I am very neutral when it comes … Continue reading

Young Prodigy – Mikael Sebastian

As I sat and wait for my time to board the plane, D72724 (Air Asia X), I couldn’t help but to blog about a young prodigy I know of. At least blogging is way more productive than waiting at the gate staring into space. This post was a long intended but never done post – … Continue reading

Master chef in the making?

A profile written based on my group mate, Phik Munn through interviewed conducted in class. I edited it after a discussion with Clare, from International Student Language Support. A foodie is a perfect way to describe Phik Munn Wong. Phik Munn, a 21 year old international student from Malaysia pursuing a Bachelor of Communications in … Continue reading