The Aluminum Snow Spring, Dirty Tweed and The Arabian Nights

What do I mean by a snow, spring and aluminum all jumbled up in one? Of course, it’s Alexander Wang. The famously known ‘Dark Prince’ of New York Fashion had went to the opposing team. Instead of the blacks, he is onto the white and shiny numbers. His collection this season is like a snow … Continue reading

From Punk Rock, Hippies to Gods and Myths

It’s all about the 70s for this season in New York – well, almost. The most significant one was Marc Jacobs which I dedicated a full post on. Others include, Anna Sui, DVF and Rodarte. In the 70s, there’s the punk rockers, and there’s also the hippies. When you think hippies, of course, it’s all … Continue reading

No more Chanel-(verb)? What about Kanye-(verb)?

Yup, enough with the chanel-esque, chanel-static, chanel-tastic and the list goes on. Or at least that’s what Chanel, the brand announced on WWD back cover. This is the content of the ad. ______ “A note of information and entreaty to fashion editors, advertisers, copywriters and other well-intentioned mis-users of our Chanel name. Chanel was a … Continue reading

70s Punk Rock Romanticist?

Right when London’s S/S 2011 fashion week passes, I’m posting up the aesthetic and themes of New York’s upcoming spring/summer. Well, to say the least there were references and aesthetics from a whole lot of different eras. From Greek mythology (which I love), to 70s punk and something I like to call dirty tweed. To … Continue reading