Milan Moda Settimana

Moda Settimana a.k.a Fashion Week in Italian. I’m not sure whether the grammar is correct or not but I thought I should try something fancy once in a while. So for those who knows Italian, do not LAUGH! Okay, as some might have guessed or maybe not, this post is be about Milan Fashion Week, … Continue reading

From NY to London

London. A place where fashion is as major as the distant relatives – NY, Milan and Paris. Although I have to say I am not very much in touch with this area of ‘fabulousness’ as the others. I must apologize for the lack of knowledge and I swear I will keep in touch more. One … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again – Spring/Summer Fashion Week. Totally excited for it, so far it started from New York to London and now at Milan. So far so good I’d say. So I’m gonna start off with New York first. As most might know (if they’re into fashion), this year Vogue’s Almighty … Continue reading