Men Must Haves for Moi

I wanted to post this in the previous post but figured it was too long. So I make a new post. problems solved. These are my favs of the season and must haves if I were to have the money. Enjoy and tell me what you think. There’s clothes and accesories! Terracotta/Chain mail armor Jackets. … Continue reading

Mens’ Feminity and The Odds

Well, we’re still on menswear today, but this is the last of it. This post is all about what I think is the the odds and femininity creeping into menswear. It’s probably gonna be a short one. I’m not really sure but read on to find out. First off, femininity in menswear. I have to … Continue reading

Another 100 year old Heritage Gone!

Before reading, note this has racism issues in it. Well, just a tad bit? Just ran through Facebook and saw this video my friend posted up. Basically it’s the PUDU Jail in Malaysia, just right next to Berjaya Times Square. Those who visited Malaysia before, you have probably seen it when you take the Monorail … Continue reading

10 Years of London Eye

There is not much to say about in this post. Just a quick news bite. So in commemoration of London Eye’s 10 year anniversary, several artist/models/celebs did some artworks to be sold onsite at London Eye. 5 quid for one and it is love. All sales proceed to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity to support … Continue reading

And The Other Men I liked?

Given the suggestive title, thoughts might go wild. Just to clarify, by “Men I Liked?” meant menswear that I liked. Not what you goons are thinking. So anyway, yes, we are still at menswear. I’ve looked up quite a few collections so far and there’s more to see. I saw Prada, Versace, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, … Continue reading

McQueen’s Sequel?

Well, this previous post marks my start in menswear exploration. As I said, I am new in studying and looking deeply into menswear like how I did for womens. So I’m still learning and there’smuch that I don’t know about it. So bear with me. This might be a rather short one with lots of … Continue reading

Shop it at Red Bag Boutique!

A new up and coming vintage boutique is in town. Though sad to say, it is nowhere near me. It’s actually in California, US but I thought I could help publicize it a bit because of Chanel Iman. Anyway, those who live near the place, you’re in luck! So, the place is called The Red … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Coco Rocha’s I do!; McQueen VS Cadbury?; A.Wang’s New Crib

Another digest coming up before supper. Actually I wanted to post this up last night but was dead tired and slept early. So this week we have Coco Rocha’s wedding gown, a showdown between Alexander McQueen and Cadbury, and finally Alexander Wang’s new 2 million dollar loft at Tribeca. ___________________________ First off, Coco Rocha. Congratulations … Continue reading

Socceroos Assemble!

This is like a out of date post for me. As you all know and might be religiously following, FIFA is back. Old news, I know. I, myself am not much of a soccer fan but it is still exciting, though I only watch the final games – Top 8 maybe? But I have been … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Christian Dior Eyes, Dolce and Gabbana iPad Cover, Another side of Megan Fox

It’s been a while since my last fashion digest. Mainly because there’s not much news to post in a digest and even if I had news, it’s all worthy of their own post. So here’s something for your digestion. Enjoy! First on the docket is the brand new Christian Dior Eyes. now you have probably … Continue reading

Who’s for September? (Iman vs Halle Berry)

A red hot talk had been around town for the past few days. Rumor has it that Halle Berry will be the September Girl. no, not playboy. It’s Vogue. So people had been talking about it in, me included. It is said to be the first African American woman to grace the September issue … Continue reading

He Who Embraces iPad?

iPad is on a huge hype now. Everyone wants one, though most does not know why. I, personally find no point of getting an iPad. For a student, there’s not much of use to it. Why? 1. A over sized iPod touch with higher specs. 2. A minimized Macbook with lower specs. 3. Limitation in … Continue reading