Fashion Digest: Madonna A Virgin Again?; Proenza on Art?; Anna And Grace Dolls?

It seems like forever since I posted an update on fashion. Well, the last week hadn’t been kind to me. As you might have read the previous post. It wasn’t smooth sailing but I have to say, I did act like a drama queen. Oh well, we all have times like this. Plus, this semester’s … Continue reading

Good day gone bad!

* This is how I feel like now!* You never know what is gonna befall on you. I conclude that there is no such thing as a good day! Seriously! Maybe I’m being cynical here but seriously. God! I never cursed so much in facebook before! Probably gonna hang myself now. Have no mood whatsoever … Continue reading

Expandables? Spoiler Alert!

Editor’s note: This is not in anyway fashion related. Okay, I think everyone knows the hype of THE EXPENDABLES. No? Then you’re totally missing out. It’s the most action packed movie to date for this year and maybe the last. Then again, I didn’t really watch anything of action genre – does Avatar count? Well, … Continue reading

A Year Passed and I’m Here To Stay!

Well, the title says it all. If you didn’t notice the last Sunday was the one year anniversary for my blog. I did not post then because I have no internet and I have shit loads of assignments to do. So I’m posting it now in between my classes. Thinking back to a year ago, … Continue reading

I Was Right?

UPDATE: Gisele wore a Antonio Berardi for the cover and she did have Dolce on in the inner of the Antonio dress. I was half right? Sorry!!! After guessing the outfits on the September cover, I couldn’t help but go to and find the outfits that was worn on the cover. And I was … Continue reading

The Januaries of Fashion

The long awaited September Issues of fashion magazines have been storming into Melbourne’s Magnation and Borders stores. I wanted to post up the covers of Septembers I found earlier but I just have to wait till American Vogue’s cover to release before posting any others in. So fresh from press is the American Vogue’s September … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: No More Rip-Offs; Pixie Hermione; Dolce and Gabbana for Beach Soccer

Another week come and went away, here’s another digest for you. I know I haven’t post my couture views yet and S/S 2011 is coming in 3 weeks or so. Apologies for that but here’s something to pacify you at the moment. Am working on couture and will post soon if possible. __________________________ No More … Continue reading

Re-use and Re-cycle?

I understand that there’s a certain signature to every artist’s creation. Be it designers, painters, photographers or directors. They might have a certain feel and signature to it and you would know if it is theirs when you see it. But I feel that Juergen Teller is a bit way too much. I understand there … Continue reading

Fashion’s Night Out Updates Around The World!

Okay a short post for FNO’s updates. I am doing something extremely bad here which is copy and paste. Who cares, you people just want info, right? I took this from, so thank them for it. I’m just here to spread the news out to people! London –Giorgio Armani will be hosting an invitation … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Grey is Young?; Vera Rings Two Bells; Chelsea’s Gabbana?

Another digest to go. I know, I said I’m gonna do couture and noetic science but sharing new updates in the fashion world seemed more important for now. So let’s hear about this before I really go for the couture and noetic – promise! _____________________________ Grey is Young? So, after a few editorials and covers … Continue reading