Young Prodigy – Mikael Sebastian

As I sat and wait for my time to board the plane, D72724 (Air Asia X), I couldn’t help but to blog about a young prodigy I know of. At least blogging is way more productive than waiting at the gate staring into space. This post was a long intended but never done post – … Continue reading

Long live McQueen!

Although it’s been a week since the passing of Alexander, I still have a strong feeling of lost towards his death. He was one of the first few designers I kept up with when I started having interest to the fashion industry. Alexander McQueen. He was a brilliant designer which had shown probably some of … Continue reading

Does maturity comes when you get older?

Hmmm… this question popped up to me as I was watching season 6 of the “Sex and the City” and still am. Stopped half to write this out because I have a tendency of forgetting what I wanted to write in a short 10 to 20 minute span. I know what those who might be … Continue reading