Great Reads for Summer

For those who just came to know me here, you have to know something about me. I am a bookworm aka NERD. Yes, I am. A hundred percent bookworm. I read a lot and for the past year and half, i have been engrossed with all books related to fashion. No, I do not mean … Continue reading

Can She Reach The Top?

Editor’s Note: Photos are credits to Vogue Italia’s Website So, who still watches America’s Next Top Model? Me. Yes, despite the seasons of failure at producing a real top model, I am still with them. Partly because Andre Leon Talley is the new judge and Vogue Italia is the new prize. So the winner was … Continue reading

The Lady Of Melbourne

As some might know, I took a class called, “Advance Print Reporting” and I did a feature of Lady Melbourne, an incredibly stylish and fantastic fashion blogger based in Melbourne and I decided that I should put it here and share with you guys, whoever you guys are, that reads my blog. So here it … Continue reading

Chanel – Balenciaga Exposé!

As I promised in my last post, I have a surprise install to whoever reads my blog. I’m not sure whether this is much of a real exposé but at least I think it is. What do I mean by expose? Well, as some of you might know the raved houndstooth collection from Balenciaga modelled … Continue reading

No more Chanel-(verb)? What about Kanye-(verb)?

Yup, enough with the chanel-esque, chanel-static, chanel-tastic and the list goes on. Or at least that’s what Chanel, the brand announced on WWD back cover. This is the content of the ad. ______ “A note of information and entreaty to fashion editors, advertisers, copywriters and other well-intentioned mis-users of our Chanel name. Chanel was a … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Madonna A Virgin Again?; Proenza on Art?; Anna And Grace Dolls?

It seems like forever since I posted an update on fashion. Well, the last week hadn’t been kind to me. As you might have read the previous post. It wasn’t smooth sailing but I have to say, I did act like a drama queen. Oh well, we all have times like this. Plus, this semester’s … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: No More Rip-Offs; Pixie Hermione; Dolce and Gabbana for Beach Soccer

Another week come and went away, here’s another digest for you. I know I haven’t post my couture views yet and S/S 2011 is coming in 3 weeks or so. Apologies for that but here’s something to pacify you at the moment. Am working on couture and will post soon if possible. __________________________ No More … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Grey is Young?; Vera Rings Two Bells; Chelsea’s Gabbana?

Another digest to go. I know, I said I’m gonna do couture and noetic science but sharing new updates in the fashion world seemed more important for now. So let’s hear about this before I really go for the couture and noetic – promise! _____________________________ Grey is Young? So, after a few editorials and covers … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: FNO Everywhere; NY London Showdown!; The Cat Mius

Another digest after almost a week of absence, I am so sorry. I have lots to share but just can’t decide on what yet. I have digests, couture, noetic science (Yes I know what it is) and more. So before I figure out which to post, it is already Friday and yet another weekend with … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Manly Gaga; Gisele on 30; Rolling Pants

Okay a short digest for the weekend. I’ll probably post more next week since I have no internet whatsoever in the weekend. You can catch me on Twitter @calvinchong (follow me if you wish) where I might post more fashion news with my mobile or just news about plain old me. So this weekend digest, … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Fashionable Google; Granny Fendi?; Hamish in Upper East Side?

First I have to apologize yet again for the lack of post last week or so. I have some problems with my internet connection at home, thus the hiatus. And I was not starting class till two days ago which I have another problem with connecting with university WiFi. Finally yesterday, I got it all … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Editorial Shifts in Fashion; Who’s Front in Sept Issues; Pushing Through The Econs

Okay, while waiting for the Proenza Schouler Live Interview to start at ShowStudio, I have some digest for you people out there. A short one just to get through the 25 minutes of waiting. So this time, I have for you the major shifts in the fashion industries editorial, revealing the front covers of most … Continue reading