The WordPress Resolution of The Year

So, WordPress is holding a blogging campaign (sort of) to encourage bloggers to blog more and not stop half way, like most people do. So basically this campaign is called Daily Post, which means posting at least a post a day. So in effort to persuade, us bloggers to do so, they now have a … Continue reading

Can She Reach The Top?

Editor’s Note: Photos are credits to Vogue Italia’s Website So, who still watches America’s Next Top Model? Me. Yes, despite the seasons of failure at producing a real top model, I am still with them. Partly because Andre Leon Talley is the new judge and Vogue Italia is the new prize. So the winner was … Continue reading

The War of Boxing Day

Well, with Christmas ended and Boxing Day started, you know I will be going into a shopping craze. In Melbourne, the crazed sale starts on the 26th, Boxing Day and normally ends a few days before or after New Years. And me being me, started my spree on Boxing Day itself at 6 am (Myer … Continue reading

Sneak A Peek

Peek-a-boo! That is what I can say about this post. It seemed to be a trend that everyone had it coming with all the lace, cutouts and see-through chiffons on the runway for the last two seasons. So ladies buckle up on some light see-through dresses and tops, because it is here to stay, or … Continue reading

Chaddy Disappointment!

As you all Melburnians out there, you might already heard of the Chadstone sale started last night till today (24th) 6pm. The massive sale for 24 hours in Chadstone Shopping Mall. Well, I was there. I have to say the sale was massive. Everything seemed worth buying. It was a crazy night, there were a … Continue reading

Ford Through A River of Obstacles and Voila!

As I just got my hands on the December Issue of American Vogue,I skipped through most of the things except for the Editor’s Note and Life with Andre section, I dived straight into the feature on Tom Ford, or what he wants himself called, “Mr Ford”. The reason? Because his latest show was not shown … Continue reading

The Lady Of Melbourne

As some might know, I took a class called, “Advance Print Reporting” and I did a feature of Lady Melbourne, an incredibly stylish and fantastic fashion blogger based in Melbourne and I decided that I should put it here and share with you guys, whoever you guys are, that reads my blog. So here it … Continue reading