MSFW Designer Series 4

As I had told you before, I went for one of the designer’s show for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) two weeks back. It’s been a while since the show but I did not find the time to post it up. So here it is.

MSFW has 4 major designer shows that was shown in the evening from day 2 to day 5. I went for the last show, MSFW Designer Series 4 with my friend Edna and she brought another friend, Jason. I have to say that the show wasn’t that impressive. I would say that it is a bit underwhelming compared to other shows that I had seen before in Malaysia. Maybe because it was just my luck to get the show with the least attractive designers. I should have gone for the Nicola Finetti or Bettina Liano show – at least they looked more interesting when I saw the photos of it.

As underwhelming as it was there were a few good designers that came out with “not bad” outfits. You see, in the show they had a list of different designers showing their collection. They had Alpha60, Ant!podium, Gary Bigeni, FAT, Obis and a few more. I have to say designers like Ant!podium, Obis and Gary Bigeni was the ones I found more interesting but still not what I had expected. I thought it lacks innovation and it’s more commercial. Like something you can easily get from a thrift shop. Not really fit to be named as “Designer Series”. Compared to collections from other countries that have Fashion Week. Melbourne was pretty bad. Then again maybe I went to the wrong show. Maybe the Designer Series 1, 2 and 3 was good. Who knows?

And they’re management of the event was not good at all. STYLO KL was a lot better. One thing is the things they gave for goodie bags was catered to women only. Not for men. Didn’t they know that men is a big part of fashion? Who in the world would give tampons and pads as goodies. Though I did not get the bag because the smartass management did not have enough for people that didn’t have seats although they got tickets. So some of us were standing behind the seats. Me included.

Lastly I still think the show was not all bad. Some designers are fabulous but some really are bananas. Hopefully next time would be better. I know some people I met there said Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival for Fall 2010 would be much better. Fingers crossed.

Okay now to show you some photos of the show. I did not take much because I was on the balcony area – one floor up.

Alpha 60



Gary Bigeni


Again, tell me what you all think about this. My post, the photos, my writing…. anything.
If my writing suck, forgive me. Am still working on it.

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