Chanel – Balenciaga Exposé!

As I promised in my last post, I have a surprise install to whoever reads my blog. I’m not sure whether this is much of a real exposé but at least I think it is. What do I mean by expose? Well, as some of you might know the raved houndstooth collection from Balenciaga modelled … Continue reading

The Last Bits of Runway

So, to end my runway spree for the last two or more months, I present to you the three other designers I loved for the seaosn. Well, there were more but the ones mentioned at Vanity Press (here) are the main ones. I loved bits and pieces from a whole lot of designers but prominent … Continue reading

Fabeaux Laurent!

It had been a talk about the hit or miss of Stefano Pilati’s collection for Yves Saint Laurent. He might be good in one season but misses the next. But to me, he was always good at least for the past few seasons I paid close attention too. But last season was less impressionable compared … Continue reading

A November Hawaiian Christmas

The Meet up!

As some of you who are not a Nuffnanger, you might not know about this but yesterday (Thursday) was the Nuffnang’s Christmas Party at Honey Bar. Well, since it is Australia and Christmas will be hot here, Nuffnang decided to go with a Hawaiian Christmas and a blue one to top it – official color … Continue reading

Why Not Here? (A Tantrum Post)

One of the main reason, i want to live in New York, after I graduate is for their events/exhibits! Everything fabulous and interesting is in the Metropolitan Museum, mostly and no where else. I never had this tantrum before. Let me tell you. When I’m in Malaysia, I never regretted not being able to go … Continue reading

When Flora and Fauna Went To The Disco

When the title says it all, this season’s Louis Vuitton is all about florals and animals but not in their original habitat – they are in the disco, for the spring/summer. It seemed that this season, Marc Jacobs made the collection at the borderline of freak and fabulous, but more towards the fabulous side. Something … Continue reading

V-OJ Parade for Dior

From the modern remake of L’Année dernière à Marienbad, comes another remake – more like reinterpretation. A different take on a Caribbean vacation from Dior. From the couture’s floral extravaganza by Galliano, in the S/S collection, we moved to another type of floral – the tropical. Think Hawaii and South Pacific tropical but jammed in … Continue reading

Joyeux Anniversaire à Moi

As some of you might know, it was my birthday 20 days ago. It’s kind of an extremely late post but what the heck? I should have a post about it since it was my 21st. Yup, I finally joined the 20s group. See, i always take twenty as twenteen, I was still a teen … Continue reading

2010’s L’Année dernière à Marienbad

After the long wait, here comes my Paris Spring/Summer post. As I listen to the Rocky Horror Show tunes, I put the amazing, fabulous and breathtaking shows from Paris into digital words. In Paris, we have, of course, Chanel – the ever beautiful and classic icon of Paris fashion. This season, as Karl Lagerfeld put … Continue reading

My Article Published, Kind of?

First and foremost, I seriously, truly and deeply apologize for the lack of posting for the past week or so. i know in my previous post I said I will be posting a few post from Paris to my birthday and et cetera. I promise I will post all of it by end of this … Continue reading