Bad Bad Blogger and Easter Is Coming!

Okay, first of all, I am terribly sorry. I know I haven’t been blogging much for the past week or so. Truth is, after my whole L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, I was crammed with assignments and work. I barely have the time to rest and well aside from the two hours or so I use … Continue reading

Stalking Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

So here’s another post on L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) and for those who do not know about this (if you are not in Australia), it is Melbourne’s equivalent of the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Previously I wrote two posts on the matter, so that might help clear it up. … Continue reading

LMFF Paris Runway 2.1

Ok, here is a really short post. It’s on the same night of my runway show that I just posted up. Just a couple of shots I took before and after the show outside the tent. Too bad when i reached to the show, it was already dark and the show was about to start. … Continue reading

LMFF Runway by Vogue Australia

So as I have said in the earlier post, I am volunteering at the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and I was also fortunate enough to obtain the ticket to one of the runway shows, “Loreal Paris Runway 2” by Vogue Australia. The show was mainly to highlight all up and coming designers of Australia, in … Continue reading

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Oh My God! How could I have forgotten about this! Well, with all the Fashion Week coverage from New York, London, Milan and Paris that I was busy doing, I had totally forgot about updating you guys about Melbourne’s Fashion Week – Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. But if you guys have been keeping in touch … Continue reading

Valentines: Best or Worst Day?

Editor’s Note: This post is irrelevant to fashion and cynical to all couples. You have been warned. Just before I forgot, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which for singles like me, it is one of the days that is hated the most. The day when you walk out and everyone are holding hands and smooching in … Continue reading

Vanity Press Go GAGA!

Okay, I am officially gaga-fied. This week is a winning streak for Lady Gaga, the new icon of our generation. From fashion to music, she practically rules it all! Last month, it was announced that Lady Gaga will finally be on the cover of American Vogue and a few days ago, that became a reality. … Continue reading

The Burberry and Glee Mash-Up

Just another nice Saturday afternoon in Melbourne after a huge storm and flood last night, I am sitting home watching back to back episodes of Glee Season 2. Yes, I said it. I am a Glee Fan. I decided to watch it as the new episode of the second half of the season is out … Continue reading

Style Blogger Challenge

So, lately I’ve been getting quite a number of readers in my humble blog here. SO I have a favor to ask of you readers that I love so much. Refinery29 had just organized a contest for bloggers and the winner gets to guestblog at their website which is to die for and of course, … Continue reading

A Meeting of Kindred Spirits

Editor’s Note: Header image by amandagrazini One thing I felt deeply when I met food bloggers was my camera’s self esteem. Being around these people who aim to take marvelous photographs of food with professional cameras, I felt a tad beaten down. I own a Sony digital camera that was 3 years old with only … Continue reading

The Snake Bearer Dawns!

Editor’s Note: An absolutely non-fashion related post that i decided to write because I love fantasy and mythological stuffs, especially Greek Myths. Remember how obsessed you were at one point in high school or middle school about your horoscopes? Well, I was and I think most of you people out there were too at some … Continue reading

Fragrance Blues

Like what the title says, I am having fragrance blues. Well, maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I am desperately craving for a few new fragrances that I recently discovered. Those who know me well, by now you should know that I am recently in a fragrance craze. I would literally go … Continue reading