Helping the Haiti Cause – Fabulously!

A quick shoutout about Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). CFDA has announced that they will be releasing a T-shirt for sale to help the Haiti cause. The T-shirt cost 25USD and all of the sales goes to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. It will be purchasable in a list of retail outlets across … Continue reading

A Tribute to the Godfather, my idol: Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel: World-renowned photographer (Take that Nigel!), Classmates and Best friend of Anna Sui, Maker of fashion’s top models, Best-friend and father figure to most of the A-List models, Introduced Madonna to the idea of reinvention, and Photographer for all Italia Vogue’s cover since 1988. He was exactly what I want to be. Except for … Continue reading

S/S 2010 Campaign Ads

After an era of non updating this mess, I decided to post at least something before everyone decides not to visit here anymore. Jus a short one for today but a few longer ones would be up soon as I am finally in ZEN again. Thank GOD! Now I present to you S/S 2010 Campaigns. … Continue reading