Vanity Press Go GAGA!

Okay, I am officially gaga-fied. This week is a winning streak for Lady Gaga, the new icon of our generation. From fashion to music, she practically rules it all! Last month, it was announced that Lady Gaga will finally be on the cover of American Vogue and a few days ago, that became a reality. … Continue reading

The Burberry and Glee Mash-Up

Just another nice Saturday afternoon in Melbourne after a huge storm and flood last night, I am sitting home watching back to back episodes of Glee Season 2. Yes, I said it. I am a Glee Fan. I decided to watch it as the new episode of the second half of the season is out … Continue reading

The Snake Bearer Dawns!

Editor’s Note: An absolutely non-fashion related post that i decided to write because I love fantasy and mythological stuffs, especially Greek Myths. Remember how obsessed you were at one point in high school or middle school about your horoscopes? Well, I was and I think most of you people out there were too at some … Continue reading

The WordPress Resolution of The Year

So, WordPress is holding a blogging campaign (sort of) to encourage bloggers to blog more and not stop half way, like most people do. So basically this campaign is called Daily Post, which means posting at least a post a day. So in effort to persuade, us bloggers to do so, they now have a … Continue reading

I Suppport Frocktober, Do You?

Amidst all the runway reviews that I have to post, I decided on something closer to home (Melbourne) for a change. Something worthwhile and worth your time to really read it. Frocktober, as you probably might know (if not, you should) is a campaign on wearing frocks during the month of October to support the … Continue reading

Stop Sexualising!

Seriously, people these days are too much sometimes. Sexualising is something I think means  making something completely normal into something out of its context. Example, the recent news on Victoria Buckley. Basically this Sydney jeweler came up with some images in Facebook showing a nude doll (picture above) with her designs and Facebook banned those … Continue reading

Digest: Emma Watson’s New Beau? Oprah Topped Forbes List. Outrageous Twilight!

Another digest coming up before tea today (It’s 2.30 pm). Well I’m not sure whether this post is a fashion digest. Nothing much in here is about fashion. Mainly celeb talks. So I left it as just plain digest. Let’s see, today we have the ever chic Emma Watson with her new boy (one of … Continue reading