L’hôtel De Vuitton

Wow, after a number of weeks from Paris Fashion Week, I am finally wrapping it up with the most epic show of the season. Louis Vuitton.

I apologize with the lack of post, as some might know I have been working for the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which is the week right after Paris, so I was more inclined to talk about that first, as I am a Melburnian.

So Vuitton this season, has gone from taxidermy oriental to fabulous hotel of Vuitton. Literally, the runway was like a hotel. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the live stream show of it. Hurrah to designers going online.

Well, when it was about to start you see only a row of cubicle box like shapes in the middle of the runway, which looked more like a stage. And lights shone the boxes, we see four attendants next to what appears to be elevators from hotels in old films with actual metal gates.

Thus begins the show. Well at first, I saw hotel, but then it became like a brothel. Not the cheap ass ones but it was like an expensive hotel where nobles and lords keep their mistresses in during the old days in Paris where everyone was having an affair with everyone else.

Models emerge from the elevators and as the show starts , there were at least four models darting around the stage which made it hard to concentrate with all those fabulous clothes around. The elevator was just plain extravagant gesture which I love.

So onward to the clothes,  it was far away from the whole hotel  atmosphere that I was talking about. It felt dominatrix. A lot of fetishes and S&M, which is similar to Marc Jacobs’s own collection. There was a lot of rubber and latex. By now,  you should know which iconic singer will be sporting those, right? The one who always buys latex.

Shapes and silhouette were very hard and angular. There was a lot of round shoulders and puffed pants. Something in between a dominatrix queen mix with riders and part warrior, I guess.

After the bunch of latexes and leather, the elevators and attendants, you might think that was all. But the highlight of the show is about to come.

At first, I thought I was hallucinating, or maybe it was a lookalike but when the last one came out, I was sure. Have no clue of what I am blabbing about? (But I’m sure most know by now, since I am so late in posting this.)

The supermodels were here. Not in the front row seats but walking the runway. Naomi. Amber. Carolyn. They were all strutting like it’s hot. But the highlight was Kate, yes, Kate Moss when she closed the show with big fur sleeves coat and retro panties. She was smoking her way around the runway like she was meant to be.

Ahh, the allure and charm of a queen.

So less talk and let’s look at some of my favourites, which is most of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, here you go. My wrap up of the fall collection. More post to come this few days (I hope) and some exciting news to share with you all! Au Revoir!

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