L’hôtel De Vuitton

Wow, after a number of weeks from Paris Fashion Week, I am finally wrapping it up with the most epic show of the season. Louis Vuitton. I apologize with the lack of post, as some might know I have been working for the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which is the week right after Paris, so … Continue reading

Dotting The Mundane Madness?

Remember the simple minimal and somehow fabulous clothes from the last fall collection? Everything was so simple, no patterns, everything was so plain and simple. This season, there was a pattern. Polka dots. Lots of dots. Similar to all Marc’s works, everything was about referencing but creating a whole new feel to it. Example? The … Continue reading

NEW YORK Fashion Week Tickets

Well, the title might be a tad deceiving to all you out there, but I do have some form of tickets for certain shows for New York Fashion Week which is happening in less then 48 hours. Behold, online live streaming of NYFW, and like the last season, heaps of designers will be streaming their … Continue reading

Fragrance Blues

Like what the title says, I am having fragrance blues. Well, maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I am desperately craving for a few new fragrances that I recently discovered. Those who know me well, by now you should know that I am recently in a fragrance craze. I would literally go … Continue reading

Sneak A Peek

Peek-a-boo! That is what I can say about this post. It seemed to be a trend that everyone had it coming with all the lace, cutouts and see-through chiffons on the runway for the last two seasons. So ladies buckle up on some light see-through dresses and tops, because it is here to stay, or … Continue reading

When Flora and Fauna Went To The Disco

When the title says it all, this season’s Louis Vuitton is all about florals and animals but not in their original habitat – they are in the disco, for the spring/summer. It seemed that this season, Marc Jacobs made the collection at the borderline of freak and fabulous, but more towards the fabulous side. Something … Continue reading

70s Punk Rock Romanticist?

Right when London’s S/S 2011 fashion week passes, I’m posting up the aesthetic and themes of New York’s upcoming spring/summer. Well, to say the least there were references and aesthetics from a whole lot of different eras. From Greek mythology (which I love), to 70s punk and something I like to call dirty tweed. To … Continue reading

Re-use and Re-cycle?

I understand that there’s a certain signature to every artist’s creation. Be it designers, painters, photographers or directors. They might have a certain feel and signature to it and you would know if it is theirs when you see it. But I feel that Juergen Teller is a bit way too much. I understand there … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Armor is the new black!; Louis Vuitton Tattoos?; Ken Overshadows Barbie?

After a week of hiatus, I am back with more digest, some of them are last week’s news but I thought I should share it. it is quite intriguing for me. Enjoy, babes! _____________________________ Ken Overshadows Barbie? Now we all know the famous celebrity couple Ken and Barbie, the perfect couple that all kids love. … Continue reading

Walk of Fame: CFDA Awards 2010

How could I end the topic on CFDA without a cover on the red carpet of that night. And this carpet in particular weighs more than any other red carpets like Oscars, Grammy et al. Normal red carpets are only celebrities (actor/esses, singers, artist) but like the MET ball, this has what the normal ones … Continue reading

Who Grabbed It at CFDA?

Finally, fashion equivalent of Oscars, the CFDA Awards was done and over with. I have mixed feelings about this. Happy that the winners were announced and my favs got it. Sad that it’s over and another year to wait. Happy again because it was such a fabulous event (I want the red carpets asap!). Sad … Continue reading

CFDA Awards Predictions

With CFDA Awards coming up in a few hours, I can hardly sleep without thinking about it. With my mind wandering, i stumbled upon this prediction which I found quite true and satisfying. Marc Jacobs and Alexander of my fav list would win something. It’s like the best combo. Though in the list, Altuzarra might … Continue reading