L’hôtel De Vuitton

Wow, after a number of weeks from Paris Fashion Week, I am finally wrapping it up with the most epic show of the season. Louis Vuitton. I apologize with the lack of post, as some might know I have been working for the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which is the week right after Paris, so … Continue reading

The Januaries of Fashion

The long awaited September Issues of fashion magazines have been storming into Melbourne’s Magnation and Borders stores. I wanted to post up the covers of Septembers I found earlier but I just have to wait till American Vogue’s cover to release before posting any others in. So fresh from press is the American Vogue’s September … Continue reading

10 Years of London Eye

There is not much to say about in this post. Just a quick news bite. So in commemoration of London Eye’s 10 year anniversary, several artist/models/celebs did some artworks to be sold onsite at London Eye. 5 quid for one and it is love. All sales proceed to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity to support … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: the Best of Models 2010; Marc Jacobs Nude Ad? etc

Time for my next digest on fashion.It’s 1 am and not getting to bed yet, so I figured that I should put another digest since there’s not much of runways now. So enjoy the big news. Today we have Top 10 Highest Earning Models, released a while ago, Marc Jacobs nude for his BANG perfume, … Continue reading