LMFF Runway by Vogue Australia

So as I have said in the earlier post, I am volunteering at the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and I was also fortunate enough to obtain the ticket to one of the runway shows, “Loreal Paris Runway 2” by Vogue Australia.


The show was mainly to highlight all up and coming designers of Australia, in support of new talents.

We had 7 great designers who were the finalists of the LMFF Designer Awards 2011, similar to the Vogue Fashion Fund in America.

Below were the list of finalists for the awards.
-Dress Up
-From Britten
-Laurence Pasquier
-Lui Hon
-Song for the Mute

Actually the runway show that I watched was the replay of the Designer Awards that happened earlier that day. So during the show at night, the main purpose was to showcase the designers and the Award winner to the public.

And guess who won? It is Song for the Mute, a designer duo.

All in all the collections were fabulous by all the designers and I took a few shots during the show but the quality is no where near the professional photographers with their huge DLSRs but it will do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But aside from the photos, it was an amazing experience. I get to hear Grant Pearce and Kirstie Clements (Editor in Chief of Vogue OZ) give an amazing speech about Australian fashion and supporting local designers. Kirstie looked amazing in a head to toe Prada Spring collection.

Megan Gale: three seats in front of me

I think from all the designers, I love Ellery the most with it’s minimal and classy wearable collection that reminds me so much of Celine and Lui Hon’s spike dresses that look like safety cushions they put inside boxes for electronics.

But the other collections were great too, Arnsdorf with his use of cobalt blue in stripes and in a dress were strikingly minimal.

And another note, I was sitting fourth row – not so glamorous but pretty good view – and when I looked to the first row three seats away from me, I saw Rachael Finch. She was fabulous. Definitely a crown jewel of Australia. Here’s a photo proof.
Well, well, what do you think? Isn’t she a gem?

So this is about the end of my post, I have another post of the same day. A few photos of me and people that I bumped into.
Till then, Au Revoir!

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