LMFF Paris Runway 2.1

Ok, here is a really short post. It’s on the same night of my runway show that I just posted up. Just a couple of shots I took before and after the show outside the tent.

Too bad when i reached to the show, it was already dark and the show was about to start. If I were to be there earlier, I would have snapped a million shot of the guests around the common grounds outside the show where they are having a smoke, drinking champagne or snapping photos.

They all look so fabulous, it felt like I was in one of the Jak and Jil photos just by looking at them.

But that didn’t happen as I was nearly late for my show and it was dark to snap any good photos. But after the show I did manage to catch up with Lady Melbourne and Alyx who was there with other bloggers and media personnel.

So here’s a few photos of the before and after shows. Oh, another thing, I had my first sighting of PETA protests at a fashion show. It’s against mulesing.

In any case, enjoy the photos and also click here to Lady Melbourne‘s photos for better quality shots.

So till my next post, Au Revoir!


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