Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Oh My God! How could I have forgotten about this!

Well, with all the Fashion Week coverage from New York, London, Milan and Paris that I was busy doing, I had totally forgot about updating you guys about Melbourne’s Fashion Week – Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

But if you guys have been keeping in touch with my twitter or glanced at my Twitter side bar here, you might already have known.

Thing is I got myself into becoming one of the volunteers for the festival and yesterday was my first shift at the Fashion Full Stop, the opening event for the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). Also, I am gonna be attending one of the shows tonight (15th March 2011).

Well, I am proud to say that I was one of the little screws that helped moved the big wheel of the festival to a success. As a volunteer, it was mainly getting coffee, running errands, ushering models and talents to the right room and other menial tasks but all of it was a great experience.

And I am one of the two volunteers who got somewhat a premier of the event before anyone else, except for the LMFF committee, production team and Grant Pearce – other volunteers were busy backstage.

But I am sorry to say that I do not have any photos that i could share because volunteers were restricted from taking any photographs or video throughout the preparation.

So, me and my partner in crime manage to have some spare time because our manager that we were suppose to assist were to busy and asked us to just sit and watch the show.

Well, the show was just the rehearsal, which we watched twice and then the full dress rehearsal which was essentially the actual show.

So there we were in the Plenary that houses 4000 seats but it was almost empty with a handful of executives, some media, production team, and us.

I felt like a VIP there, sitting on the fourth row where I can see everything ever so clearly.

That’s probably one of the best thing of being a volunteer, some little perks that makes everything so much better, though I hoped that I will get more work in the later shifts.

And another great thing I obtained was meeting all the talents of Australia. I met Guy Sebastian, Tim Draxl, Marcia Hines, Mark Seymour, Owls and also Metal Eyes. Plus I saw their performance during the rehearsal. It was like a mini concert.

All in all, it was a fun day for me. There were ups and downs but I learnt and gained some experience.

So stay tune for my upcoming LMFF posts, as I work for it and attend some of them as well, Au Revoir!

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