Snow Asylum of McQueen

So, my long delayed post of Paris Fashion Week and this time I am sharing some McQueen to you all. This is the second season of women Pret-a-Porter collection of Sarah Burton as the creative director of Alexander McQueen. While last season was ever so ethereal and soft but within the McQueen feel, this season it was a lot more similar to Alexander’s previous collection.

This season, Sarah chose to give a reminiscence of McQueen’s Asylum collection but for Sarah it was a constrained madness just like the white walls of an asylum. Or you can call it a “Mad Snow Queen” collection.

The Snow Queen was only given to a few certain models, the others were more of the court of the Queen like the Page, Maids and Servants. Or at least that is what I felt when I saw the collection.

First was the structured white tweed coats with fur for shoulders, cuffs and the skirt. And also a head full of pins. It was wild but in a way sof and ethereal which seems to be SArah’s aesthetic and reinterpretation of McQueen’s collection.

Then with a transition of grey numbers, it went to black. Black tweed like dresses with fur halfway of the skirts. And the best part of the outfits were those leather straps on the bust and shoulders.

It immediately made me thing of constraining straps used in asylums to hold down patients. It was rough and dark but still maintained a sense of femininity and surrealism. To me, Sarah’s collection were more wearable in comparison to Alexander’s collections but the creativity of the looks were not missing.

Then came the cocktails and the best ones were the blue chiffon shred dress and the porcelain print like dress – both were flare skirts.

And finally the evening gowns which brings me to a point. Rumor has it that Sarah will be designing for Kate Middleton‘s (do I need to introduce her?) wedding gown. And coincidentally, all of McQueen’s evenings wree mainly white and looked exceptionally like wedding gowns. Perhaps it is in preparation and a brief showcase of Sarah’s talent in designing magnificent gowns for any occasion?

But if it is for a wedding, I think the porcelain print gown with neckcuff would be amazing. it looked like a one of a kind and eccentrically beautiful gown, though I am not so sure that it would be fitting for a royal wedding. Perhaps the simple gathered chiffon sleeveless would be a better choice?

All in all, it was a magnic=ficent collection, Sarah who never shyed away from McQueen’s incredible collections, embraced and reinterprets them into her vision but still maintains the value of Alexander McQueen is breathtaking.

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Though I have to say, Alexander always put on a great show for the runway. Remember the wolves, fire, altantis etc?

Well, that’s my thought. Am happy to hear from you too. Till my next,  Au Revoir!

PS: My stalking/working in Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival will be up soon too!

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  1. Alexander McQueen has always been my fav. Thanks for this post.
    Do visit mine and hope you’ll follow too.. 🙂
    Fashion Panache

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