Liberation of Stefano Pilati, YSL

Remember what Stefano Pilati said during the Vogue docu-film, “The September Issue”? He said, “Fall is never a season of color for me”. It was more of a gloomy mood, hence the pure black and white in the entire collection – well, mostly. There are a few touches of color, like the gold chain belts, … Continue reading

Fabeaux Laurent!

It had been a talk about the hit or miss of Stefano Pilati’s collection for Yves Saint Laurent. He might be good in one season but misses the next. But to me, he was always good at least for the past few seasons I paid close attention too. But last season was less impressionable compared … Continue reading

Mens’ Feminity and The Odds

Well, we’re still on menswear today, but this is the last of it. This post is all about what I think is the the odds and femininity creeping into menswear. It’s probably gonna be a short one. I’m not really sure but read on to find out. First off, femininity in menswear. I have to … Continue reading

The Long Wait for Paris

First of all, I am apologies of the ‘hiatus’ that went for almost a month. Yup, hiatus. That’s what I am calling my art of procrastination now. And now comes my usual excuses, I was ‘busy’. No, seriously I was. Assignments is piling up for me for the past few weeks and also a sudden … Continue reading

Paris, Capitale de la Mode du Monde Part 1

Finally I am covering the long awaited Paris. I know the actual Paris Fashion Week has passed for a month now but I was quite busy for the past weeks with work and assignments – resulting to the lack of posting. Also, there is so much wonder in Paris this season that I had to … Continue reading