Geeky Bombshells, Greek Bondage?

After my dedicated post to Dolce and Gabbana, here is the rest of Milan’s Fashion Week with two highlights. For one we have the geeky bombshells from dSquared2 and a bit of dominatrix action in Versace. It was a shocking season in Milan, this year – almost earthquaking – because dSquared2 went from their usual … Continue reading

Di moda a Milano

From London, of course we hop to the famous Milan with designs from Prada, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Alberta and more. Well, this season I have mixed feelings with Milan. Not to say it was a bad week for them, I mean, there was some pretty good stuff but there was also some sad stories … Continue reading

Milan Moda Settimana

Moda Settimana a.k.a Fashion Week in Italian. I’m not sure whether the grammar is correct or not but I thought I should try something fancy once in a while. So for those who knows Italian, do not LAUGH! Okay, as some might have guessed or maybe not, this post is be about Milan Fashion Week, … Continue reading