NEW YORK Fashion Week Tickets

Well, the title might be a tad deceiving to all you out there, but I do have some form of tickets for certain shows for New York Fashion Week which is happening in less then 48 hours. Behold, online live streaming of NYFW, and like the last season, heaps of designers will be streaming their … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Grey is Young?; Vera Rings Two Bells; Chelsea’s Gabbana?

Another digest to go. I know, I said I’m gonna do couture and noetic science but sharing new updates in the fashion world seemed more important for now. So let’s hear about this before I really go for the couture and noetic – promise! _____________________________ Grey is Young? So, after a few editorials and covers … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again – Spring/Summer Fashion Week. Totally excited for it, so far it started from New York to London and now at Milan. So far so good I’d say. So I’m gonna start off with New York first. As most might know (if they’re into fashion), this year Vogue’s Almighty … Continue reading