Bad Bad Blogger and Easter Is Coming!

Okay, first of all, I am terribly sorry. I know I haven’t been blogging much for the past week or so. Truth is, after my whole L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, I was crammed with assignments and work. I barely have the time to rest and well aside from the two hours or so I use … Continue reading

Style Blogger Challenge

So, lately I’ve been getting quite a number of readers in my humble blog here. SO I have a favor to ask of you readers that I love so much. Refinery29 had just organized a contest for bloggers and the winner gets to guestblog at their website which is to die for and of course, … Continue reading

A Meeting of Kindred Spirits

Editor’s Note: Header image by amandagrazini One thing I felt deeply when I met food bloggers was my camera’s self esteem. Being around these people who aim to take marvelous photographs of food with professional cameras, I felt a tad beaten down. I own a Sony digital camera that was 3 years old with only … Continue reading

Fragrance Blues

Like what the title says, I am having fragrance blues. Well, maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I am desperately craving for a few new fragrances that I recently discovered. Those who know me well, by now you should know that I am recently in a fragrance craze. I would literally go … Continue reading

The WordPress Resolution of The Year

So, WordPress is holding a blogging campaign (sort of) to encourage bloggers to blog more and not stop half way, like most people do. So basically this campaign is called Daily Post, which means posting at least a post a day. So in effort to persuade, us bloggers to do so, they now have a … Continue reading

The War of Boxing Day

Well, with Christmas ended and Boxing Day started, you know I will be going into a shopping craze. In Melbourne, the crazed sale starts on the 26th, Boxing Day and normally ends a few days before or after New Years. And me being me, started my spree on Boxing Day itself at 6 am (Myer … Continue reading

The Lady Of Melbourne

As some might know, I took a class called, “Advance Print Reporting” and I did a feature of Lady Melbourne, an incredibly stylish and fantastic fashion blogger based in Melbourne and I decided that I should put it here and share with you guys, whoever you guys are, that reads my blog. So here it … Continue reading

A November Hawaiian Christmas

The Meet up!

As some of you who are not a Nuffnanger, you might not know about this but yesterday (Thursday) was the Nuffnang’s Christmas Party at Honey Bar. Well, since it is Australia and Christmas will be hot here, Nuffnang decided to go with a Hawaiian Christmas and a blue one to top it – official color … Continue reading

Why Not Here? (A Tantrum Post)

One of the main reason, i want to live in New York, after I graduate is for their events/exhibits! Everything fabulous and interesting is in the Metropolitan Museum, mostly and no where else. I never had this tantrum before. Let me tell you. When I’m in Malaysia, I never regretted not being able to go … Continue reading

Joyeux Anniversaire à Moi

As some of you might know, it was my birthday 20 days ago. It’s kind of an extremely late post but what the heck? I should have a post about it since it was my 21st. Yup, I finally joined the 20s group. See, i always take twenty as twenteen, I was still a teen … Continue reading

My Article Published, Kind of?

First and foremost, I seriously, truly and deeply apologize for the lack of posting for the past week or so. i know in my previous post I said I will be posting a few post from Paris to my birthday and et cetera. I promise I will post all of it by end of this … Continue reading

I’m Kinda Featured!

Note: This is kinda of a guest post by Samantha Lowcock, my coursemate from Advance Print Reporting. She wrote a feature on me for our tutorial. The story behind this feature is after Sam’s. Enjoy: Calvin Chong has a penchant for fashion. From his Ray Ban glasses through to his shoes that are made for … Continue reading