The Final Stage of Galliano For Dior

As you might all have known by now, John Galliano was officially dismissed  as the head designer of Dior due to an incident involving anti-semitics comments. When the news first came, like everyone else, I thought, “What will happen to the Dior Fall Collection show that is happening in just a few days?” Well, the … Continue reading

The Last of Menswear Fall/Winter 2011

After a streak of Menswear posts for the last week, and then the non-posting for a few days, I am now ending Menswear coverage in this blog with this post. This will be an extra compact post of the remaining shows that I loved, for both their showmanship and great wears. So what is a … Continue reading

V-OJ Parade for Dior

From the modern remake of L’Année dernière à Marienbad, comes another remake – more like reinterpretation. A different take on a Caribbean vacation from Dior. From the couture’s floral extravaganza by Galliano, in the S/S collection, we moved to another type of floral – the tropical. Think Hawaii and South Pacific tropical but jammed in … Continue reading

The Long Wait for Paris

First of all, I am apologies of the ‘hiatus’ that went for almost a month. Yup, hiatus. That’s what I am calling my art of procrastination now. And now comes my usual excuses, I was ‘busy’. No, seriously I was. Assignments is piling up for me for the past few weeks and also a sudden … Continue reading

Paris, Capitale de la Mode du Monde Part 2

Finally after the long posted Part 1 of Paris, here comes Part 2. *Applause* A dozen of apologies for the extremely late post. A lot going at the moment and did not have the time to post anything at all. Though I did find the time to go on Facebook, maybe that’s why I didn’t … Continue reading