Fur-licious Gucci

Back to chronological order, today it is about Gucci. I know. That was a week ago, but since I have yet to see the shows I am waiting for in Paris Fashion Week, I can now catch up with all my Milan reviews. So Gucci, there is four things to note on inspiration and the … Continue reading

Gucci Hot or Not?

Well, with much difficulty on trying to watch the live broadcast of Gucci due to server overloading I think, I actually managed to watch it unlike some others who were less fortunate. I am grateful. So, Gucci. What is it about this season? Well, personally for me, it borderlines from hot and not – there … Continue reading

The Love for Desert and Olive of Popeye

There seem to be quite a few desert lovers in Spring/Summer 2011, from New York, we have Donna Karan and Milan now, we have Armani, a tad in Gucci and some in Cavalli. Though it is desert inspired in general, the designers reinterpreted what they saw in a desert, in their own unique way. Donna … Continue reading

Milan Moda Settimana

Moda Settimana a.k.a Fashion Week in Italian. I’m not sure whether the grammar is correct or not but I thought I should try something fancy once in a while. So for those who knows Italian, do not LAUGH! Okay, as some might have guessed or maybe not, this post is be about Milan Fashion Week, … Continue reading