Starlets and Musicians of Dolce And Gabbana

Editor’s Note: There are a total of 85 shots of the runway in my slideshow. Take you time and enjoy it! xoxo. Dolce and Gabbana. A true show that blew me away as I watched the live show just a few days ago. I nearly missed it but made it in time. I am so … Continue reading

Valentines: Best or Worst Day?

Editor’s Note: This post is irrelevant to fashion and cynical to all couples. You have been warned. Just before I forgot, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which for singles like me, it is one of the days that is hated the most. The day when you walk out and everyone are holding hands and smooching in … Continue reading

Best of S/S Campaigns

Editor’s Note: I have only uploaded a few of each campaigns and for more of each brand, click through the links. As I picked up my copy of American Vogue the other day (which was a week late compared to normal delivery to Australia, curse air freights delay), I was so excited to glance through … Continue reading

The Mickey and Coke Season; Western Massacre

After the more sophisticated shows of Burberry, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana, here comes two of the more eccentric shows from Milan’s Menswear Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The first up is D&G, the sub brand of Dolce and Gabbana featuring more youthful and casual wear. Well, you got that right. D&G went extremely youthful this season … Continue reading

The D&G Bryan Ferry Season

Like the Burberry show, Dolce and Gabbana had a great dramatic exit, which I think reoccurs all the time n their show. The group finale. Last season of womenswear were models in corsets paired with blazers and for this show it was male models in crisp Dolce and Gabbana suits paired with deconstructed jeans. AMAZING! … Continue reading

Sneak A Peek

Peek-a-boo! That is what I can say about this post. It seemed to be a trend that everyone had it coming with all the lace, cutouts and see-through chiffons on the runway for the last two seasons. So ladies buckle up on some light see-through dresses and tops, because it is here to stay, or … Continue reading

The UnconventionalĀ Couture

When one thinks of couture, it is all about the hand sewn intricate details of a dress, even if it is translated into pret-a-porter style. But for Dolce and Gabbana in Spring/Summer 2011, it all about unconventional materials. If you watch too many seasons of Project runway, you can’t help but think of party supplies … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: No More Rip-Offs; Pixie Hermione; Dolce and Gabbana for Beach Soccer

Another week come and went away, here’s another digest for you. I know I haven’t post my couture views yet and S/S 2011 is coming in 3 weeks or so. Apologies for that but here’s something to pacify you at the moment. Am working on couture and will post soon if possible. __________________________ No More … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Grey is Young?; Vera Rings Two Bells; Chelsea’s Gabbana?

Another digest to go. I know, I said I’m gonna do couture and noetic science but sharing new updates in the fashion world seemed more important for now. So let’s hear about this before I really go for the couture and noetic – promise! _____________________________ Grey is Young? So, after a few editorials and covers … Continue reading

Men Must Haves for Moi

I wanted to post this in the previous post but figured it was too long. So I make a new post. problems solved. These are my favs of the season and must haves if I were to have the money. Enjoy and tell me what you think. There’s clothes and accesories! Terracotta/Chain mail armor Jackets. … Continue reading

And The Other Men I liked?

Given the suggestive title, thoughts might go wild. Just to clarify, by “Men I Liked?” meant menswear that I liked. Not what you goons are thinking. So anyway, yes, we are still at menswear. I’ve looked up quite a few collections so far and there’s more to see. I saw Prada, Versace, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Christian Dior Eyes, Dolce and Gabbana iPad Cover, Another side of Megan Fox

It’s been a while since my last fashion digest. Mainly because there’s not much news to post in a digest and even if I had news, it’s all worthy of their own post. So here’s something for your digestion. Enjoy! First on the docket is the brand new Christian Dior Eyes. now you have probably … Continue reading