The Final Stage of Galliano For Dior

As you might all have known by now, John Galliano was officially dismissed¬† as the head designer of Dior due to an incident involving anti-semitics comments. When the news first came, like everyone else, I thought, “What will happen to the Dior Fall Collection show that is happening in just a few days?” Well, the … Continue reading

Great Reads for Summer

For those who just came to know me here, you have to know something about me. I am a bookworm aka NERD. Yes, I am. A hundred percent bookworm. I read a lot and for the past year and half, i have been engrossed with all books related to fashion. No, I do not mean … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Christian Dior Eyes, Dolce and Gabbana iPad Cover, Another side of Megan Fox

It’s been a while since my last fashion digest. Mainly because there’s not much news to post in a digest and even if I had news, it’s all worthy of their own post. So here’s something for your digestion. Enjoy! First on the docket is the brand new Christian Dior Eyes. now you have probably … Continue reading

Fashion Digest

Today I’m gonna try something new. A fashion digest where I post several fashion news and updates that I find interesting to share with you all. So lets see how it goes, shall we? As some of you might know Lara Stone, one of the world’s most recognized model just tied the knots, a few … Continue reading

The Long Wait for Paris

First of all, I am apologies of the ‘hiatus’ that went for almost a month. Yup, hiatus. That’s what I am calling my art of procrastination now. And now comes my usual excuses, I was ‘busy’. No, seriously I was. Assignments is piling up for me for the past few weeks and also a sudden … Continue reading

S/S 2010 Campaign Ads

After an era of non updating this mess, I decided to post at least something before everyone decides not to visit here anymore. Jus a short one for today but a few longer ones would be up soon as I am finally in ZEN again. Thank GOD! Now I present to you S/S 2010 Campaigns. … Continue reading