Britsh Royalty: Burberry

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All Burberry aficionado, I am sure you have heard of the latest Burberry Collection and read the feature on Vogue March, Tech Mate on Christopher Bailey. What better time to showcase Burberry’s Fall/Winter collection in my blog than now, right after I read the Tech mate article about Christopher Bailey. A … Continue reading

The Burberry and Glee Mash-Up

Just another nice Saturday afternoon in Melbourne after a huge storm and flood last night, I am sitting home watching back to back episodes of Glee Season 2. Yes, I said it. I am a Glee Fan. I decided to watch it as the new episode of the second half of the season is out … Continue reading

It’s Raining Burberry!

Editor’s note: This is the first time I blogged right after a show is done. Live Blogging! Also, all photos are from and the header image from The Love Magazine Twitter. Just before I went to sleep, I checked my twitter and I found out that Burberry was livestreaming their Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear show … Continue reading

From NY to London

London. A place where fashion is as major as the distant relatives – NY, Milan and Paris. Although I have to say I am not very much in touch with this area of ‘fabulousness’ as the others. I must apologize for the lack of knowledge and I swear I will keep in touch more. One … Continue reading