Hybridizations of Wang

For the last few seasons, Alexander Wang was all about the dark and grunge rock chic look, till last season, it was soft, white hues, and ethereal but still rocker chic. Then came this fall collection, with great comments and reviews from both types of looks he did, Wang decides to take the best of … Continue reading

Best of S/S Campaigns

Editor’s Note: I have only uploaded a few of each campaigns and for more of each brand, click through the links. As I picked up my copy of American Vogue the other day (which was a week late compared to normal delivery to Australia, curse air freights delay), I was so excited to glance through … Continue reading

Sneak A Peek

Peek-a-boo! That is what I can say about this post. It seemed to be a trend that everyone had it coming with all the lace, cutouts and see-through chiffons on the runway for the last two seasons. So ladies buckle up on some light see-through dresses and tops, because it is here to stay, or … Continue reading

The Aluminum Snow Spring, Dirty Tweed and The Arabian Nights

What do I mean by a snow, spring and aluminum all jumbled up in one? Of course, it’s Alexander Wang. The famously known ‘Dark Prince’ of New York Fashion had went to the opposing team. Instead of the blacks, he is onto the white and shiny numbers. His collection this season is like a snow … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Coco Rocha’s I do!; McQueen VS Cadbury?; A.Wang’s New Crib

Another digest coming up before supper. Actually I wanted to post this up last night but was dead tired and slept early. So this week we have Coco Rocha’s wedding gown, a showdown between Alexander McQueen and Cadbury, and finally Alexander Wang’s new 2 million dollar loft at Tribeca. ___________________________ First off, Coco Rocha. Congratulations … Continue reading

Walk of Fame: CFDA Awards 2010

How could I end the topic on CFDA without a cover on the red carpet of that night. And this carpet in particular weighs more than any other red carpets like Oscars, Grammy et al. Normal red carpets are only celebrities (actor/esses, singers, artist) but like the MET ball, this has what the normal ones … Continue reading

Who Grabbed It at CFDA?

Finally, fashion equivalent of Oscars, the CFDA Awards was done and over with. I have mixed feelings about this. Happy that the winners were announced and my favs got it. Sad that it’s over and another year to wait. Happy again because it was such a fabulous event (I want the red carpets asap!). Sad … Continue reading

CFDA Awards Predictions

With CFDA Awards coming up in a few hours, I can hardly sleep without thinking about it. With my mind wandering, i stumbled upon this prediction which I found quite true and satisfying. Marc Jacobs and Alexander of my fav list would win something. It’s like the best combo. Though in the list, Altuzarra might … Continue reading

Michael Kors for CFDA Lifetime Achievement

Big Announcement! Michael Kors is to receive the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Awards in less than 6 hours. Good one, Kors! From starting his own label when he was 19 to becoming Celine’s creative head at 1997, Project Runway’s judge, he sure made his mark in the industry.  he is the acclaimed All American designer especially … Continue reading

Another Late Night with Calvin with Show Studio

Time for another last night post before I sleep. One of the things that kept me awake tonight (it’s 3 am) is Show Studio. For some reason, I forgot how I ended up in that website. It’s a fashion blog/website that has projects featuring numbers of celebrities including designers. Well, the one who caught me … Continue reading

New York Fashion F/W 2010

As leaves turn green and flowers blossom, New York is once again beaming with anticipation. What would Marc Jacobs present this season? Carolina Herrera? How about Alexander Wang, the new prodigy to the American fashion throne. With this being said, this season is filled with dark colors – black to be exact and Furs! After … Continue reading

S/S 2010 Campaign Ads

After an era of non updating this mess, I decided to post at least something before everyone decides not to visit here anymore. Jus a short one for today but a few longer ones would be up soon as I am finally in ZEN again. Thank GOD! Now I present to you S/S 2010 Campaigns. … Continue reading