Alexander McQueen: The Show

Just a short post to share with you, the almighty and fabulous show of Alexander McQueen Menswear Fall/Winter 2011/12. Enjoy. Credits to: toey17daria who uploaded the video on Youtube and Alexander McQueen, owner of the show. Till the next, Au Revoir! PS: Sorry for the reuse of the same image twice.

My Most Anticipated Show of the Season

So like what the title is written, this is my most anticipated show of the season. The second menswear show of Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burtonm the new head for McQueen after Alexander passed away last year. So the last show was more vamppire-esque inspired which I loved. The prints and the coats were amazing … Continue reading

Why Not Here? (A Tantrum Post)

One of the main reason, i want to live in New York, after I graduate is for their events/exhibits! Everything fabulous and interesting is in the Metropolitan Museum, mostly and no where else. I never had this tantrum before. Let me tell you. When I’m in Malaysia, I never regretted not being able to go … Continue reading

Fashion Video Digest and Something Else?

These are some interesting videos I came across in youtube which made me laugh. Well, kind of? The first one is by Robert Hoffman. This dude never cease to entertain me. It’s a video about what does not make you a model! A special message to those out there who thinks they can be a … Continue reading

Noble Farewell

Finally read the copy of Vogue US (July). Got it a few days ago, curse Australia’s air freight. Anyway the best article of July is the “Noble Farewell” by Hamish Bowles. It is a parting article as a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen and his last collection. With a three page spread styled by … Continue reading

Men Must Haves for Moi

I wanted to post this in the previous post but figured it was too long. So I make a new post. problems solved. These are my favs of the season and must haves if I were to have the money. Enjoy and tell me what you think. There’s clothes and accesories! Terracotta/Chain mail armor Jackets. … Continue reading

McQueen’s Sequel?

Well, this previous post marks my start in menswear exploration. As I said, I am new in studying and looking deeply into menswear like how I did for womens. So I’m still learning and there’smuch that I don’t know about it. So bear with me. This might be a rather short one with lots of … Continue reading

Fashion Digest: Coco Rocha’s I do!; McQueen VS Cadbury?; A.Wang’s New Crib

Another digest coming up before supper. Actually I wanted to post this up last night but was dead tired and slept early. So this week we have Coco Rocha’s wedding gown, a showdown between Alexander McQueen and Cadbury, and finally Alexander Wang’s new 2 million dollar loft at Tribeca. ___________________________ First off, Coco Rocha. Congratulations … Continue reading

Walk of Fame: CFDA Awards 2010

How could I end the topic on CFDA without a cover on the red carpet of that night. And this carpet in particular weighs more than any other red carpets like Oscars, Grammy et al. Normal red carpets are only celebrities (actor/esses, singers, artist) but like the MET ball, this has what the normal ones … Continue reading

Who Grabbed It at CFDA?

Finally, fashion equivalent of Oscars, the CFDA Awards was done and over with. I have mixed feelings about this. Happy that the winners were announced and my favs got it. Sad that it’s over and another year to wait. Happy again because it was such a fabulous event (I want the red carpets asap!). Sad … Continue reading

CFDA Awards Predictions

With CFDA Awards coming up in a few hours, I can hardly sleep without thinking about it. With my mind wandering, i stumbled upon this prediction which I found quite true and satisfying. Marc Jacobs and Alexander of my fav list would win something. It’s like the best combo. Though in the list, Altuzarra might … Continue reading

Another Late Night with Calvin with Show Studio

Time for another last night post before I sleep. One of the things that kept me awake tonight (it’s 3 am) is Show Studio. For some reason, I forgot how I ended up in that website. It’s a fashion blog/website that has projects featuring numbers of celebrities including designers. Well, the one who caught me … Continue reading