Dark Vamped Kimono

So this stop, we go to Haider Ackermann. To tell you the truth, I am not going to be a wannabe know-it-all and tell you I always loved his designs. This is my first time seeing his collection, although he had been around for quite a few years.

I have had seen his name surfaced a lot in Vogue and other magazines that I constantly read but I never got myself around to actually see his collection. But this season, when I went through the thumbnails at Style.com, for the latest fall collections, his collection caught my eye.

(Note: Lady Gaga wore one of his designs for the March issue of American Vogue)

He is a true gem.He has been said to be fitted to be the next Chanel designer after Karl Lagerfeld and this was said by no other than Karl himself. That tells you a lot about his talents.

This season, Haider went for the dark vampy look and if you have seen his last collection for Spring/Summer, you can see the occurrence of kimono wrap dresses and coats.

Something that I think is his signature for now.

The overly large obi inspired belts that sometimes looked like a corset. He also has a thing for loose draped silhouettes that sometimes might look like just a piece of fabric wrapped around a model’s body – effortless but god knows how much work went into it.

Though the look might have a kimono wrap silhouette but the design did not exude any orientalism to it. It was very European rock chic.

To me, Haider has one of the talents to make something that is total opposites and make it work. Masculine and feminine. Dark and ethereal. Romantic but edgy.

This season, it was dark, almost vampire-ish but exudes a certain soft romanticism to it. Kind of like a sappy romantic vampire novel but in a good way. Think Count Dracula mixed with Twilight – minus the tacky lines from Twilight. Romantic, dark but not teen juvenile.

Even his tailored leather overcoats looked soft and flowy despite the hard texture of the leather. Paired with the skyscraper sculpted hair that made it even more exciting.

One of the best looks were the sequined dresses that have cutouts on the sides and paired with a leather jacket or a drop shoulder chunky knit. It was breathtaking. (I wonder which will be the first celeb that would rock that look in a runway).

Enough with the chitchat and let’s click through some of the best looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there we are, a new designer to my “to watch list” and till my next post, Au Revoir!

PS: Sorry for the lame excuse of a header image

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