The Automobile and The Sheer Python

Well, It’s been a while since I put two designer shows into one post but this time around I did it for Celine and Chloe because they were somewhat related or so I thought.


So, first let’s hitch a ride to Celine. This season for Phoebe Philo, it was all about cars (the four wheel things that you drive) but what has it got to do with fashion?
Well, there is plenty. For a normal person, car usually means masculinity and roughness but when you think about it, the sleekness of new cars, the curves and the smoothness of it has a feminine side to it. Car has always been a sense of empowerment for everyone, men and women.

Like Phoebe said, when she got her first paycheck, she bought a car – well, who wouldn’t.

There was a lot of leather, and vinyl as fabrics, a tribute to the obvious – the seats. And then there were all the panelling and sectioning in different ways, which I thought was similar to the dashboard area of the front seats.

And speaking of the seats, there were these magnificent bonded leather jackets which utilizes the contruction of a car seat to create the volumes and curves. It was as if the jackets were ripped straight out of a car – a Mercedes Benz perhaps?

Remember a few seasons back when Phoebe made a comeback with minimalism and camel, it quickly became the talk of the industry and a must have, whereas this season, she pulled away from the camel and used more colors for the Fall collection – a trend that is huge this season.

There was the saffron, burgundy and rust but even with all these, the signature of minimalism was never gone. And my favourite looks were the wood print top and pants, and the first look of the turtleneck and black overcoat – sublime!


Now there is Chloe, ironically both names of a woman and both had also been designed by Phoebe Philo. But now it is on Hannah MacGibbon, the current head designer of Chloe.

So this season, Chloe heads to the direction of sheer and snakeskin leather after a season of sheer and a season of camel. For this season, there were a lot of texture to the runway. All the snakes were amazing when paired with the sheer fabrics.

Somehow for me, maybe because Phoebe had designed for Chloe before, I feel that Chloe bears similarity with Celine. Just the feel of it and like Celine, this season was more bold and colorful. Also a lot of panelling.

I especially love the multi-colored shrug cape and that python leather skirt.


Well, I am going to stop here as this post is too lengthy. Enjoy the photos.

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Well, till the next, Au Revoir!

2 Responses to “The Automobile and The Sheer Python”
  1. Joe H says:

    Great looks for the stylish minded lady.

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    thus where can i do it please help.

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