The Final Stage of Galliano For Dior

As you might all have known by now, John Galliano was officially dismissed  as the head designer of Dior due to an incident involving anti-semitics comments. When the news first came, like everyone else, I thought, “What will happen to the Dior Fall Collection show that is happening in just a few days?”

Well, the show went on, but it was rather sad when I got to watch it. I first saw the finale walk and the full show much later. I just did not feel the usual excitement that I had for Dior’s show. Maybe it’s ust a mentality thing, maybe deep down, “I lost the flare when I heard Galliano was gone.

The clothes were as amazing as always. The first look was of Karlie Kloss, in a large cape that sweeps the floor, a leather top, large hat and leather boots. It looked like she was like Zorro, a highwaymen with the devil may care attitude.

But although the looks were great, to me, it felt more like a funeral procession. A final goodbye to Galliano as the head designer of Dior.Somehow, I felt that the line up of models were rushed and unorganized. It did not felt like a flow.

Despite the racism issues, Galliano is without a doubt one of the best designers of this age. He always had an eye for a show and an overly exaggerated, glamorous and incredible one to boot. It doesn;t realy matter what he did or say or what others think of him.

He is still a genius and talented designer – that’s that.

And following down the runway was a great line of looks from leather coats, fur neck pryce, capes, dresses and shoes. There was a great use of colors, textures and shape. It felt bohemian and old French. Tim Blanks said that there were some Merry Widow looks to the end of the looks.

Indeed there was, but I felt the part of Merry Widow when she was still sad and lonely before she met Count Danilo. It was all too sad to bear. And at the end of the show, with no designer to sign it off, Dior asked all the seamstresses and craftsmen to wave the final goodbye to the Dior by Galliano.

The only precedent for this situation is Coco Chanel’s postwar denunciation as a Nazi collaboratrice. Her exile from the fashion world lasted nine years.”
Tim Blanks

So what will happen to him? But enough of the mourning from me, here are the looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, enough of the sorrow from me. My next posts will be back to its normal weird happiness with all my next found favorites and old loves. Till then, Au Revoir!

3 Responses to “The Final Stage of Galliano For Dior”
  1. Plami says:

    This is just such a tragedy! Galliano is a genius and Dior won’t be that great anymore… at least that’s my opinion! And i really believe this is not the end of his career. The fashion world is not ready to say goodbye yet!


  2. Galliano didn’t step down he was fired FYI.

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