Britsh Royalty: Burberry

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All Burberry aficionado, I am sure you have heard of the latest Burberry Collection and read the feature on Vogue March, Tech Mate on Christopher Bailey.

What better time to showcase Burberry’s Fall/Winter collection in my blog than now, right after I read the Tech mate article about Christopher Bailey. A must read. As the title says, Bailey is one of the  most tech savvy designers in the industry and most innovative in terms of online marketing and promotions.

Burberry can be considered as a true icon and royalty of British fashion with their ever iconic and classic trenches. Season after season, Burberry coats are the must haves for every editor and all fashionable people that can afford it.

So this season, it was all about late 60s to 70s and focuses again on the archive of Burberry. He found Jean Shrimpton, who is the face of the 60s. Like always, Bailey reinvents the Burberry archive by changing the details of all classics. Last season was the biker jackets with studs and neon trims.

For the fall collection, it is all about over blowing the silhouettes and changing proportions. The shoulders are dropped, sleeves were puffed, heels were heighten with rubber soles and oversized puffy fur but hard hats.

From afar, the outfits look soft and the movement were soft but as the looks strut down, I think it is more hard and armored. True, with the puffed up silhouettes, it looks airy within but it’s more armory outward.

Something like Joan of Arc, I am not sure how to describe the armor. It is those round armors with near to no joints and often worn by women in the old times.

And like every other shows in the season, neon is the colors of the season. The reds, blues and acids were amazing.

Then, there were the puffa like trenches that looked padded that look like the simple trench with a little extra volume. Also the cropped to bust white funnel jackets with a string bow and another inner black jacket. And of all the extra volume, comes the bell bottom pants that were a classic 70s look.

All in all, almost everything from Burberry, this season are about bell shapes and the strap button used from certain trenches.

Then the finale was breathtaking. Remember the campaign that Burberry did last year of a snowstorm, this was one made to reality in the show. Snow falls on the runway, a similar theme to the latest men show (in rain) and models wearing clear vinyl ponchos to protect the outfits of the snow.

I am not sure about others but those clear jackets from men and ponchos from women are more of the epicenter of the collection. The most iconic looks.

So here you are, some of the best looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think? Ain’t it the best coats you can find? Well, before I post up my other Milan shows, Au Revoir!

2 Responses to “Britsh Royalty: Burberry”
  1. Dress Me Mag says:

    Burberry is beyond! I had no idea Burberry was responsible for Jean Shrimpton. Also I love your choice of looks, I want to try on all of them!

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