Fur-licious Gucci

Back to chronological order, today it is about Gucci. I know. That was a week ago, but since I have yet to see the shows I am waiting for in Paris Fashion Week, I can now catch up with all my Milan reviews.

So Gucci, there is four things to note on inspiration and the entire collection

  1. Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 Collection
  2. 1940s and 1970s look
  3. YSL inspired
  4. Lanvin Evening inspired
  5. Fur. Lots of fur in every color.

So I watched the live stream of the show, after a mild but sophisticated menswear that did not put much of a great show (great clothes but not an amazing show), I do not know what to expect from Gucci and from Frida. But their spring/summer 2010 collection for womenswear were amazing with its desert and Eygptian reference.

So before the show started, my excitement was peak, especially because Gucci has one of the best live stream website. You can see the guests mingling around before the show, backstage, and different angles of the runway. More importantly, you get to chat with other live streamers while watching the show. Although I said that I am hesitant about the show at first.

But while waiting for the show to start, the anticipation started peaking as I talked to fellow enthusiasts, and watching all the VIPs entering the show.

So Gucci this season, the first thing I noticed was “I have seen something similar before but where?”.The second look was a teal flowy evening dress. I then realised it looked like the Lanvin collection from last spring/summer. It’s not exactly identical but it reminds me of Lanvin’s flowy dresses.

And as the collection goes on, I see Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer collection, and again not identical but it reminds me of it especially on the last few dresses.

That aside like Gucci always was, the clothes were about glam and luxe. Everything looked expensive especially with all the fur that accompanies almost every look.

That is the key trend for Gucci and I think Anna Wintour would be absolutely happy about it.

But enough talk and I’ll let you be the judge. Enjoy the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, this is my Gucci post and after Versace I will be moving on to Le Capitale De La Mode, Paris. Till then, Au Revoir!

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