Witches of the Prairie

Rodarte. The fashion house that consistently references the folklore and paganism. Season after season, they made pagan, witchery, and nature seem cool and wearable. One might think it is similar to Alexander McQueen, whom had always done a sort of witchery look but McQueen was more of the dark side of witches until inherited by Sarah Burton.

Like Sarah Burton, who embraced a softer side of witchery and paganism, the Mulleavy sisters had done it for a few seasons. The last season was of forest nymph and earth witches. The season before was Mexican folklore, ghost town and surreal native witches.

This season, Rodarte embraced the witches of the prairire and meadows. Of plains and grasslands. They took the plains and made it country, which is both similar and compliment elements. Then they add splashes of techno and reds, in reference to the skies from dawn to sunset.

The first look worn by Caroline Trentini was a soft grey print dress with a grass color and texture long overcoat with a pair of simple black boots. It was like girls from old movies working in the barns and farms. The soft green texure of the coat made it seemed like real grass or hay, freshly cut from the fields.

Then came the panel prints which is similar to the previous seasons, but softer in color but nonetheless have the same edge as the wood prints of the last season. Remember the Red Wood Forest?

Then came the amazing evening gowns. The first one was a soft sky blue dress that flows down to the hem into a field of wheats and then as the other gowns emerge, the color became grey and techno, much signifying from dawn to dusk.

If you look at the collection as a whole, it was also from dawn to dusk, using the dresses as a transition point for all.

Aside from those amazing evenings, there were those pixie cut red coat with a sequin dress in the same shade. One of them even have a sort of pixie/imp wings, worn by Karlie Kloss.

A true show to behold of. Now let’s sit down and enjoy a nice day on the field of Rodarte.

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Rodarte is a true master of surrealism and folklore. Translating all those into mythical fashion. Edgy, wearbable but mythical.

So, I am officially done with New York. And after Burberry, I will catch up to Milan. Till then, Au Revoir!


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