Of Aztec and Native America

First of all, I missed watching Proenza Schouler’s live stream because of work. I was quite sadden  by it but the moment I went home, I jumped straight to the replays and it was amazing but that made me feel worse for missing it.

So first thing I felt about Proenza’s new collection was Aztec or  the Mexican vibe. While last season they were more about texture and color with the dye technique on those dirty tweeds and those embroidered laces on coats, skirts and tops. It was all neon.

This season, they punched in the prints into all those colors and textures. Prints that were referenced from Native American blankets on their trip to Santa Fe. It also reminded me of the cosmogram from the Aztec era.

Those blankets might seem old to be reference but in the hands of the duo and use of technology, they made something old and maternal into something extremely chic and contemporary.

There was one dress that looked like it was made out of basket weaving but softer. The strapped layered dress were amazing and you can see any New York socialite and IT girls fighting for it.

And then there was the crochet strips of a skirt in knits. It looked so chic and cool but a wrong move might turn it into grandmama outfit – but that’s not a thing to be worried from Larzaro and Jack.

There were too many things to love from the collection, the wide angled neckline dress in striped prints, the knit sweaters, the geometrical/square printed evening, the hand-painted velvet dress with long sleeves and those killer heels with a high strap to the small thighs and so much more.

Well, less talk and enjoy the shots of the runway. Amazingly done by Jack and Larzaro!! Brava.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, I am almost done with New York, although I know NYFW is long gone. I apologise for that. Only one more show and I’ll be moving on to London, and Milan. Just Rodarte to go.

Till then, Au Revoir!

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