The Upcoming Rising Star – Prabal!

Prabal Gurung, the designer who started his first official collection in 2009 and only earned his way to the tents of  Bryant Park in 2010. That being said, it was a rather quick success for him as he dressed Michelle Obama, Demi Moore and the likes.

He was then awarded as the runner up of the CFDA/Vogue  Fashion Fnds last year. This man just never stops.

This season in Prabal’s collection, it was all luxe but in a more edgy and out of place feel – in a good way. Duchness satin, fur and other expensive and luxurious fabrics were used in the collection but it felt different from what was the norm.

As his CFDA mentor, Carolina Herrera said, “You can’t direct anybody with talent”, which was exceptionally true. Prabal has rise to be one of the most promising designers in New York fashion with his fabulously edgy collection.

His first look out was by Karlie in a twisted knot bust, red knee length A-shaped dress. it was simple, elegant and yet quirky in its own way. Maybe it was the twisted knot or maybe it was the fact that with the dress, she wore ripped/cut-out leggings/stockings and that simple knot of a belt.

Then came the white dress in the later parts, a black on white dress. One might think it was purchased lace from manufacturers that was used on the white dress but no. Those were individually cut out patterns and sewn perfectly into the simple white. It was luxurious and one of a kind.

It somehow reminded me of the Dolce and Gabbana lace collection last spring/summer but not in a copying or knock off way. just a similar mood but still different.

Despite this being his first few collections, Prabal made a name and looks like he is planning to stay. Everyone have high hopes on him, including me. There is something about his designs that captures you.

Though the gowns strangely reminds me of Carolina Herrera’s style, maybe because I knew he was mentoring and my mind is playing tricks on me but the evening gowns does have a Carolina feel to it.

But you be the judge yourself, whether it is YAY, EY, or NAY!

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To end this, I have to apologize for the late delays of the reviews as compared to the mens coverage I did. I have been too busy but I will try and make it up by catching up to Milan Fashion Week that is happening now as soon as possible.

Till then, Au Revoir!

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