Spoken like Zac

A lame title for one of the best collections of the recent New York Fashion Week, the Z Spoke by Zac Posen. Apologie for that, just feel like making a terrible pun.

So Zac Posen launched his Z Spoke line, a sub to his Zac Posen Collection like all great and major designers do from Marc By MJ, T by Alexander Wang, to DKNY by Donna Karan and Armani Jeans. his first collection last spring made a huge impact with the loud prints, and bright colors.

All to make a great impact and impression to the public, but this season Zac toned everything down to simple, minimal and luxurious in a lower price range from his main collection. A major runway was done for the last collection but this season, Zac went for a simple, plain editorial with just a white background.
All this, I think was for us to focus more into the clothes rather than the impression(the first) and it did. It was grunge meet class/luxe.

The models all look almost Albino in a fabulous way. Zac went ahead with Coco Rocha, Crystal Renn, Tao Okamoto, Anna Cleveland and Sessilee Lopez to be featured in the collection, all of them are some of the most top and current models. Though I think Raquel and Abbey Lee would be a perfect fit too.

Rather than prints and colors, this season was dusk and dark, playing with textures from cotton, wool, knits, leather to smooth satin, and silks. I have to admit this, but I am not very familiar to fabrics especially seeing it in imagery rather than in person, so forgive me if I am wrong.

The looks I love the most were the poncho wool jacket by Sessilee, the knit sweat with trench and black pleat skirt by Tao and also, the last look of Coco in a wrap dress in black.

Now enjoy this fabulously simple lookbook of Zac.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So my next post will still be in NYFW but soon jump to London, focusing especially as usual of Burberry Prorsum.

Till then, Au Revoir!

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