Dotting The Mundane Madness?

Remember the simple minimal and somehow fabulous clothes from the last fall collection? Everything was so simple, no patterns, everything was so plain and simple.

This season, there was a pattern. Polka dots. Lots of dots.

Similar to all Marc’s works, everything was about referencing but creating a whole new feel to it. Example? The YSL signature dress in the previous Spring/Summer Collection (which I covered last year).

Back to the present, this collection is a borderline mundane and madness. it was minimal in so many ways but with hints of crazy madness going. Like the first look, from a glimpse, it is minimal.

A white shirt/sweater with a silver grey pants and boots matched with a beret. But look at the pants carefully, it is not just any frabric. No satin, chiffon or cotton. It is latex.

That’s right. Latex, which have been going around NYFW in quite a number of designers. And Marc himself style a blue latex shirt underneath his usual suit.

It was like a texture show this season. Matching different fabrics in one piece of clothing. Latex sleeves with suede/wool torso and a skirt of polka dots sequins, I presume that looked a lot like fish scales.

There were dots everywhere. Some were great though some I have to say, I am not quite fond of compared the other pieces. I love black dots on white with black leather boots, and note that the fabric is wool.

Then there was the maroon-ish top paired with a blue pencil skirt (all in dots) with a crisp white shirt underneath. It the top and the skirt looked like a one piece wih tie dye effect on it. That was a great number.

To be honest, I think some pieces were too bulk and heavy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Marc but sometimes we have to be honest and not delusional, thinking that everything was fabulous.

One of the best looks of the show was the red embroidered lace dress with black ruffle-ish collar and a pair of undisputed black boot heels. It was great.

And talking about the boots,  the best thing about the show was the shoes. I can’t believe that the most interesting fact of the show were the shoes. Those leather boots were to die for.

But anyhow, enjoy the slideshow of some of the looks I love.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till my next post on Zac Posen, Rodarte or Proenza Schouler (either one of it), Au Revoir!

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