Hybridizations of Wang

For the last few seasons, Alexander Wang was all about the dark and grunge rock chic look, till last season, it was soft, white hues, and ethereal but still rocker chic.

Then came this fall collection, with great comments and reviews from both types of looks he did, Wang decides to take the best of both worlds. The blacks, whites and of course, greys. And then there was the hints of silver and gold.

Without a doubt, with New York Fashion Week closing, Alexander Wang became the most talked collections of the season and in my opinion, it might be the best collection for this season.

It was as though he took all the different winning components of his previous seasons and mash everything up, creating a never seen before luxurious and fabulous collection.

That and the help of  new technique that he used, sourced from Italy, the needle punch where you can sew two complete different fabric together seamlessly, creating a brand new fabric.

The first of the needle punch, was the knit poncho that flows down into leather, from far it seemed like just a tie dye effect but a closer look and told by Wang in the Style.com’s interview – it was no easy task.

That’s the beauty of great fashion, everything felt effortless despite the huge amount of work done.

But back to chonological order, the first look. A puffa poncho (the puffa seen in the inside of the poncho) paired with a puffa like shin guard and heels, which looked more like boots than heels with shin stockings.

It was magnificent and breathtaking. Paired with extraordinary walk choreography where four models walk the runway simultaneously, it was a hard show to watch if you are in the show physically.

Eyes will be darting everywhere, just so you don’t miss a look. But thanks to the technology of camera works and editing, watching it online made the job easier, so applauds to the editors and audience that watched it live.

All the looks were so great that one cannot write about it without going to a 3000 word limit.

So to summarize, a few looks that captured me the most was the grey sleeveless jacket with yellow side pockets and a fur collar, the knit dress that flows down to a silk/satin hem, the knit poncho that flows down to a golden silk, satin finish, the mesh tops and silk dresses with cut out strips flowing.

And the silver hand brace with the clutch were amazing accessories plus the shoes, despite some of the fur puffs which might look tacky. But with his styling, it was chic and beautiful.

And don’t talk about those bomber jackets with fur linings and collar mash ups, they were so chic, that even a man can wear it. Perfect menswear.

And speaking of which, before ending the post. Congratulations to Wang for winning GQ/CFDA menswear award.

And now to the photos, another few collections that I actually show every single thing of the item.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With all said about Wang being the highlight of New York this season, I have my hopes high for the coming Proenza Schouler collection.

A side note, Wang is not the first runway I see this season but I feel so excited of the collection that I have the obligation to write about him first. Coming up is Marc Jacobs, Prabal Gurung, Zac Posen, and Jason Wu.

Till then, Au Revoir!

2 Responses to “Hybridizations of Wang”
  1. Parisienne says:

    Oh Wang My Love!
    Like always i love the Collection!

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