Valentines: Best or Worst Day?

Editor's Note: This post is irrelevant to fashion and cynical to all couples. You have been warned.

Just before I forgot, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which for singles like me, it is one of the days that is hated the most. The day when you walk out and everyone are holding hands and smooching in public, you feel like shit because you are alone.

What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes single people so miserable. I mean, they are all over the place everyday but you never notice their existence. You don’t feel miserable – not that much.

But something about Valentine’s, maybe it’s just supposed to be like that. I mean I think this day is created for couples to rub salt into singles’ faces, despite that the celebration has a great meaning to it.

All the “I Love Yous” and “I Miss Yous”. Well maybe I feel this way because I never played for the other side of the team.

But okay, enough with the morbid cynicism. Today is suppose to be celebration of love, though I don’t have much in me.People say you can share Valentines with friends and families but I don’t think so.

We have plenty of days to celebrate love with friends and family. April Fools, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years etc. So before I join the other side of the team, I will keep to my word. Valentine’s is the worst day for me.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all with love to give.

And here’s a clip for those ladies who want to get a male model out for a date? Male models dishes out their fears, preferences and desires, posted by

Till my next post on Fashion Week, Au Revoir!

One Response to “Valentines: Best or Worst Day?”
  1. Vita says:

    I really think that Valentine’s day was created by the multinational companies to earn more money. I’m not single but don’t think that I have to present smth only because there is such a day. Yes, it can be kind of romantic but I never celebrated this day and not going to do it in future :).
    But it’s my peronal opinion. So don’t be sad cos it’s really doesn’t worth it :)! It’s just one day in a year.
    And as you said you can celebrate it with people you love cos love is not only between a man and a woman.

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