Vanity Press Go GAGA!

Okay, I am officially gaga-fied. This week is a winning streak for Lady Gaga, the new icon of our generation. From fashion to music, she practically rules it all!

Last month, it was announced that Lady Gaga will finally be on the cover of American Vogue and a few days ago, that became a reality. No more guessing. She is in.

And American Vogue released the editorial and cover of Gaga in their website and Twitter was practically bombed with Gaga tweets.

And then today, the release of her new single which she performed a few lines in the VMA Awards last year, Born This Way. It was sensational, even just to hear a few lines of the song.

Now the song had been released and again, Twitter is smashed.  Here’s the song and enjoy it!

In less than 4 hours, the single would be officially released and this has became an online event as prominent as New York Fashion Week itself. The event can be RSVP-ed in Facebook which caused a pretty huge stir. Who are we kidding?

It’s Gaga. Everything about her causes a big stir. So despite being NYFW, Gaga became more talked by fashion twitters than the FAshion Week itself.

Here’s the editorial! Enjoy.

Till my next post on the coverage of New York Fashion Week, Au Revoir!

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