The Burberry and Glee Mash-Up

Just another nice Saturday afternoon in Melbourne after a huge storm and flood last night, I am sitting home watching back to back episodes of Glee Season 2.

Yes, I said it. I am a Glee Fan.

I decided to watch it as the new episode of the second half of the season is out on Super Bowl, which is this Sunday (tomorrow). And it’s basically to refresh my memory on what happened in the last and just to have a private sing-along at home with Glee tunes.

I have to say, two episodes struck me hard. One of them was the Gwyneth Paltrow episode with two songs. One was Ceelo’s Forget You (or most people call it F*** You, which was the original title) and the other was a mash up of Umbrella and Singing In the Rain.

This reminded me of the similarities of the Glee performance and Burberry’s latest men collection. The rain.

Well, maybe Rihanna did it first but I wasn’t a fan of that, but the mash-up was a whole other story. I could relate the both together. Burberry and Glee.

The mash up of Umbrella and Singing In The Rain were great and totally removed the overtly sexual and blandness of Rihanna and put a sense of real showmanship to it. Just like Burberry.

So anyway, here you go. See for you self. the video below of Glee and click here to look at Burberry’s collection.

I am still in a slight Chinese New Year mood. Will try and post more of fashion updates and such. And I will share with you another Glee episode I love.

Till my next post, Au Revoir!

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