Best of S/S Campaigns

Editor's Note: I have only uploaded a few of each campaigns and for more of each brand, click through the links.

As I picked up my copy of American Vogue the other day (which was a week late compared to normal delivery to Australia, curse air freights delay), I was so excited to glance through all the new campaign ads for the coming Spring/Summer that had finally came on print and not in digital format aka Fashion Gone Rogue.

There were great ones, ones to die for and some that I have no liking to whatsoever.

For now let’s share the ones that I love.

For one, there was Louis Vuitton, with their eastern fused Hollywood glam campaign. Models in eastern inspired evenings and a great bag to match. Plus the fans featured were breathtaking. These ads were done great by no other than the Great Steven Meisel with models, Raquel, Kristen and Freja. A true joy to watch.

Then there were the Dolce and Gabbana black and whites. It was a old setting as well. Like in a Sicilian fishing village but with great style. Both men and women ads were amazing. Women featuring Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, Maryna Linchuk and Izabel Goulart.

And men featuring of course the Essentric 5 of Dolce and Gabbana including Sam Webb and Noah Mills. The men were like fishermen at work and women were the housewifes who knits, chats and gossips in their mundane life with amazing lace wears.

And all these were done by Steven Klein.

Then comes the nerdy sexy from dSquared2, a true anticipated campaign. Surprisingly, most of the ads were fully covered up unlike previous ones which were more revealing – which most of the times meant nudity in some way.

In some way it reminded me of the Spring/Summer they did with the camping theme. The slightly hinted sexual tone with a bit of nerdity to it. But still, the camp ads were quite the provocation of sex. This season, dSquared2 like always chose Mert and Marcus duo to do the job.

Female models includes, Fei Fei Sun, Crystal Renn and males include Diego Miguel, Jean Carlos, Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio.

Though I have to admit the menswear campaign were very sexual, and in fact one of them were hinting homosexual and brotherly love. An eye opener indeed as they use Kevin and Jonathan who were twins, topless and sharing an apple.

Another great ad were the Proenza Schouler duo’s campaign, the second one they had (if I am right), featuring a simple background of white and models that was made to look almost like an albino.

All these to further highlight their neon bright and acidic collection for the seasons with the best of tweeds, The Dirty Tweeds which I covered for the S/S 2011 runway.

And last but not least, Alexander Wang with his first campaign – like a virgin. Though he insisted it as a “non-campaign” and said it was more of an “Image Piece”. (I found out in Fashionista’s site)

It was a warrior in paint done by Carig McDean and modeled by Aymeline Valade. It was rather simple but somehow interesting, maybe due to the fact of its “non-campaign-ness”.

So here are some of the ads that I love. and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Till the next, Au Revoir!

PS: Pardon me for the lack of posting for 6 days. Am having a slight writer’s block which I would tell you about the next post and address another issue regarding campaigns, forgery, and who’s original.

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